VIDEO: Man In Clown Mask Starts Beating Little Caesars Employee, Gets Smoked


Heriberto Feliciano was closing a Little Caesars when a man in a clown mask attacked him

Holly Hill, FL – A Little Caesars pizza store employee won a fight for his life after he shot a man who ambushed him while wearing a clown mask.

Heriberto Feliciano was closing the store Saturday night at about midnight and walked out of the store when he was suddenly attacked by the man in the mask, according to WJAX-TV. (Video below)

The attack was captured on surveillance footage from inside the Little Caesars store.

The attacker hit Feliciano with a wooden board repeatedly until the board broke, according to WOFL-TV.

Police said the attacker got Feliciano on the ground and tried to stab him with scissors.

However, Feliciano was carrying a concealed firearm, and was able to draw his weapon and fire multiple shots at his attacker, according to Holly Hill Police Chief Stephen Aldrich.

The attacker fell to the ground in the parking lot and was unresponsive when police showed up, according to WOFL.

The police found the clown mask and the scissors on the ground next to the attacker. The attacker died at the hospital.

Surveillance video showed the man wearing the mask walking near the Little Caesars store.

The video also showed the ambush, with the attacker swinging and hitting Feliciano just as he stepped out of the store.

Carlton Akins lives near the Little Caesar’s store. He called the incident outrageous.

“People are unpredictable. It's really crazy, man. It really is!” Akins told WOFL. “And that's scary!”

Akins said the attacker got what was coming to him.

“I'm sorry the guy got killed, but he got what he deserved,” Akins told WOFL.

Police said Feliciano only suffered minor injuries. Relatives drove him to the hospital, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

You can see video of the attack below:

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Another life saved thanks to the 2nd Amendment.


A ”Clown” mask????!!!! I don’t know what circus you went to but I have never seen a clown like that! No wonders some people are coulrophobia.


Citizens are fed up and they’re taking back their streets. It was justified. The dead man received his judgment and his justified execution...... another oxygen thief that won’t be living off the tax payers dime for 20 years before he gets his due. The prisons have become Motel 6 and they’re leaving the light on for far too many of these jerks. Thank God this citizen turned off this oxygen thief’s light. Another life saved by the 2nd Amendment.


POS got he deserved!!! Hope it's nice and hot in hell!!!


Kinda hard to appeal that! The outcome is still the same.

Enough already
Enough already

Sometimes bad things happen to bad people...thank God. I'd of shot him just for the mask. I have a clown phobia and never liked them.