VIDEO: Man Beats Officer As Bystanders Record, Then Suspect Grabs Cop's Gun

Surveillance video captured an Oxnard officer shooting a suspect who was attacking him.

Oxnard, CA - A fugitive was shot by an Oxnard police officer on Sunday when the suspect attacked the officer and tried to take his gun (video below).

The incident happened July 29 at around 7:21 p.m. when Officer Daniel Oncea was patrolling the area of 1301 E. Ventura Blvd, according to Ventura County Star.

Officer Oncea spotted Joel Tapia, Jr., 30, and knew that Tapia had several outstanding warrants involving felony resisting arrest, shoplifting, DUI, and drug offenses.

Tapia had been released on his own recognizance from those prior arrests, but had failed to appear in court.

Officer Oncea stopped his patrol car and attempted to take Tapia into custody on his outstanding warrants.

Tapia resisted arrest, leading to a 2 1/2 minute ground fight as bystanders gathered and recorded on their cell phones and yelled. It's not clear in the video who the bystanders are yelling at.

Near the end of the fight, Tapia was able to get on top of the officer and grab for his gun. Just when it appeared that Tapia would successfully disarm the officer, Officer Oncea was able to fire a shot, striking Tapia in the left forearm.

After he was shot, Tapia took off running. The officer pursued him on foot to a mobile home where the suspect barricaded.

The SWAT team arrived with an armored vehicle and a fur missile and took Tapia into custody.


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Officer Oncea was transported to the hospital, treated for his injuries, and was released later that night.

Tapia was taken to the hospital where his gunshot wound was treated before he was booked into the Ventura County Jail.

​At his arraignment, Tapia was charged with the felonies of forcefully resisting arrest, battery causing injury to a police officer and attempting to take an officer's firearm.

His bail has been set at $1.025 million, according to Ventura County Star. If convicted on all counts, he faces a maximum sentence of 8 years in prison. He entered a plea of not guilty.

The fight and shooting was captured on surveillance video. You can see the video below:

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What is wrong with people in CA. Taking a picture when a man who risks his life to protect all of you is fighting for his life & the life of the man that is attacking him. And you idiots b*tcH every time a police officer has to shoot a criminal? I wouldn't have blamed that officer if he had pulled the gun instead of trying to win the fight. He was trying to win the fight instead of having to shoot the criminal & no one helped him! NO one put down their camera & helped an officer who was risking his life by trying to subdue a criminal.


The world would be a much better place if the bullet had gone right between his eyes and taken that scum off the streets ONCE AND FOR ALL


I had a hard fast rule, pull at my gun lose both your eyes from a double thumb jab. If you still wanted to play after losing your eyes so be it. . .


WTF is wrong with people, just standing there recording. Six people standing there staring and that guy in the grey shirt sticking the fucking phone right over them.


max of 8yrs.?? wtf is wrong with the justice system ???