VIDEO: Man Attacks Cop, Gets Bodyslammed By Good Samaritan

A man who had just assaulted a cop was captured and slammed to the ground by a Good Samaritan.

Provo, UT – A Good Samaritan helped a Provo police officer capture a man who had just assaulted and tried to disarm him (video below).

The incident began when police responded to Sam’s Club to conduct a well-being check on a man who had been reportedly walking around the parking lot asking people for water, the Daily Herald reported.

Police released bodycam video of the incident that showed an officer talking to a man in a grey shirt, who was sitting in a truck in front of a gas pump.

In the video, the officer told the man he was looking for a man in a grey shirt who had something different on the front of his shirt.

As the officer turned away from the truck, he saw the man he was looking for walking through the parking lot and notified the dispatcher, the video showed.

“How ya doing man?” the officer asked 34-year-old Emiliano Medina-Medina, who didn’t look at him and continued walking.

“Hey, somebody called and said they were worried about you. Said you were asking for water or something?” the officer continued. “Are you doing okay?”

At that point, the man stopped and turned to look at the officer.

The police report said that Medina pointed at the officer’s gun, then made a “gun hand gesture and pointed at his head,” the Daily Herald reported.

Then the man reached for the officer’s duty weapon, the police report said.

The officer grabbed Medina by the arm and tried to force him to the ground, but the suspect used his free hand to punch the officer in the head and broke free of his grip, the police said according to the KSTU-TV.

Medina tried to run away from the officer, through the gas station, but two Good Samaritans who had watched the altercation put a stop to the suspect’s departure.

"One male stopped [Medina], and the other male grabbed [Medina] from behind in a bear hug and slammed him to the ground. I then kneeled over [Medina] and placed him in cuffs and waited for other officers to arrive to assist me," the officer wrote in his police report, according to KSTU.

In the video, Medina fled through the gas station and the Good Samaritan quickly joined the chase, getting ahead of the officer and closing quickly on Medina.

Then another man stepped into Medina’s path give the Good Samaritan the split second he needed to catch up with the suspect.

The video showed the Good Samaritan wrapped his arms around Medina, picked him up, and swung him around before tossing him to the ground, where he finally pinned him.

The officer raced up behind the man and took a position on top of the suspect to handcuff him, the video showed.

“Thanks guys!” the officer told the brave men who had come to his aid, as they all headed back to their own business.

The click of handcuffs could be heard just as the video ended.

Medina was taken to the hospital where he tested positive for methamphetamine, according to the Daily Herald.

He was taken to the Utah County jail and booked on suspicion of disarming a police officer, assaulting a police officer, failing to stop at command of law enforcement, and interfering with an arresting officer.

Records showed that Medina has been arrested multiple times, primarily on drug-related charges, according to the Daily Herald.

Watch the Good Samaritan throw the suspect to the ground in the video below:

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Great work by citizens - not afraid to get involved! I counted at least three guys toward the end, one tackling the man like a tight end, one near by, and the last one waiting to get into action if needed. Then they all quickly went back to their own business, not waiting for their five seconds of YouTube fame.


There's still some that will help instead of whip out their phones to cry brutality. These guys were awesome.

Ken Curtis
Ken Curtis

Please training officers and elected politicans, give these officers more training in ground fighting techniques. While I applaud the civilian help, it is something that shouldn't be needed in most instances. Hate for a civilian to get hurt or killed because our department heads or politicians are afraid to spend the money for adequate training.


While I agree with the suggestion of training towards handling resistance or combative individuals for situations like this being a good idea, the human factor in real-world scenarios like these hardly ever fit into the mold of a textbook and that the mental flexibility and discretion shown by this officer as well as the Samaritans all get an A+ from me.


Agreed!! Nice work Samaritans!!