VIDEO: Man Arrested For Driving Through Protesters Who Jumped In Front Of His Car

Protesters swarmed around the man's car, jumped on the hood and pounded on the side with sticks.

Brea, California – A 56-year-old man drove through a group of protesters blocking the street, as people jumped on his car, and banged on its sides, in an attempt to prevent him from moving (video below).

"I think he was trying to get through the crowd," Brea Police Lt. Adam Hawley said. "We don't have any indication he was trying to harm somebody."

Daniel Wenzek was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

However, NBC Los Angeles reported that no demonstrators stayed around long enough to file police reports.

Wenzek was booked and released pending further investigation, according to Brea Police Department Lt. Kelly Carpenter, the Los Angeles Times reported.

There were several hundred protesters rallying in support of illegal immigration outside of GOP Congressman Ed Royce’s office at 12:30 p.m. on Oct. 26.

Police were trying to clear the intersection when the incident occurred.

The video showed the car was stopped, blocked by protesters.

The driver began honking the horn to clear people out of the street.

Protesters then surrounded the car, and a few protesters put their bodies in front of the car, and jumped on the hood.

As can be seen on the video below, Wenzek began to slowly move forward, which inspired protesters to jump in front of his vehicle, and at least one protester started pounding on the hood.

Wenzek continued to creep forward while beeping his horn, as another protester ran and jumped on the hood of his car.

At that point, the car appeared to speed up.

Police stopped the vehicle in its path, as the incident was occurring.

“There were definitely a lot of drivers who were laying on their horns and getting pretty irate,” said Andrew Cohen said, a communications specialist with the organization Unite Here, one of the groups who organized the protest.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Claudia Aguilera, 46, of Los Angeles, jumped onto the hood of the car.

Aguilera was on the hood for about seven seconds as the car accelerated before she said she slid off.

“My only thought is that I just want him to stop,” Aguilera told the Los Angeles Times. “I’m like, if I just jump on the car, he’s going to stop. He did stop, thank God, because if he didn’t stop, he would [have] run over a lot of people that [were] crossing the street. It was so quick.”

Other protesters pushed against the car’s hood area, and hit the passenger door with sticks.

This incident occurred at a time when numerous states are considering legislation that would create laws to protect drivers from criminal charges if they hit protesters in the roadway.

Kentucky is the latest state to introduce what opponents are calling “anti-protest” legislation.

You can see the video of the incident below.

He was doing it absolutely correctly. Had he backed up, he would be blamed. Had he gotten out, he could have been killed or at least severely maimed. Moving slowly forward was the perfect response to that stupidity.

These people have no business blocking public thoroughfares. I'd have gone through too had people started jumping on my car! Of course, when you see "California" in the article, you realize why a non-protester got screwed. Can't stand protesters. If they had a problem with a politician, they should have been on the sidewalk in front of his office, not in the middle of the street.

Give the man a medal.

So lets allow people to be surrounded and ripped out of their vehicles by BLM ANTIFA. You put public in harms way you deserve to pay the price getting you clock clean. Enough blocking roadways and jaming up traffic in the name of social justice so fd ambulances pd can not get to people in need. This obama era bs is over folks. New sheriff in town. Its President Donald J. Trump. Get over it.

You surround my car and start beating on it...I'm in fear for my life. Good chance you'll get shot first then run over.