Video Leaked Of NYPD Brass Threatening Harsh Punishment For Media Leaks

Sandy Malone

Somebody leaked a video to the media of NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan lecturing officers about media leaks.

New York, NY – Somebody leaked a video that New York Police Department (NYPD) sent officers warning them not to leak anything else to the media.

The video warning harsh punishments for leaks was sent to officers on Feb. 21 and had been leaked by Feb. 24, according to the New York Daily News.

The video featured NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan delivering a stern message in the wake of media leaks after two officers were shot within 12 hours in the Bronx 41st Precinct.

“Anyone who leaks information, photos and videos to the media will be subject to the strongest possible discipline," Chief Monahan warned. "I will personally see to it.”

Two NYPD officers are in serious trouble with the department for leaking surveillance video of the shooting inside the 41st Precinct on Feb. 9.

Officers Brian Wilkens and Paul Brauer, both of whom are assigned to Midtown South, were stripped of their guns and badges and put on modified duty pending completion of an internal affairs investigation, the New York Post reported.

Officials determined that Officers Wilkens and Brauer were the sources of leaked video footage of a gunman opening fire on officers inside the 41st Precinct house on Feb. 9.

A police official told Blue Lives Matter that sharing the video was a stupid move on the part of the officers.

“Everything is tracked,” he said. "They had to be out of their minds to do what they did."

The leaked videos that appeared all over social media and eventually in news broadcasts appeared to have been filmed on cell phones as the officers watched the surveillance footage on NYPD monitors.

Police sources told the New York Post that the videos were initially only shared between law enforcement officers, but somehow got leaked to the media.

The gunman featured in the video is accused of shooting two New York police officers in separate assassination attempts and vowed to shoot more law enforcement officers once he is released from custody.

“It’s unbelievable to me that someone in our department would leak these videos and yet someone did,” Chief Monahan said in the video he made.

“These were cops who were shot,” he continued. “Our family in blue. A reckless social media posting is not how we want their families to be notified.”

“Making it possible for this material to be circulated by the media prematurely hinders our investigate efforts,” the chief lectured in the video. “I assure you the information leaked could have been detrimental to the prosecution of a violent criminal.”

“Video from security cameras is not reality TV,” he said. “It is not entertainment. Circulating it shows a lack of common sense and it’s a violation of the patrol guides.”

Chief Monahan admitted this wasn’t the first time the NYPD has struggled with media leaks.

“Photos of crime scenes have made it to the media when investigations were only hours old,” the chief said. “Making this information public when it should not be can have very serious consequences.”

He warned officers that “behavior like this will not be tolerated.”

“We should all be proud that the NYPD is known as one of the most professional police departments in the world, protecting it and your fellow officers should be your priority,” Chief Monahan said. “I have no doubt that many of you agree with me. For the few who don’t, let me be clear: Anyone who leaks information — photos, videos — will be subject to the strongest possible discipline.”

One NYPD officer told Blue Lives Matter that some officers took Chief Monahan's video lecture as a challenge.

Sources told the New York Post that NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau has been too busy plugging media leaks to investigate corruption on the police force.

On Wednesday, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea admitted the police department had been out of line when it subpoenaed Twitter for information that would help them figure out who had been leaking information to Tina Moore, the police bureau chief at the New York Post, MSN reported.

“There were certainly other avenues we can take,” Commissioner Shea said. “I think we were wrong.”

Watch the leaked video of the chief here below:

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Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

I like most of the Chief's message - he voices strong concern for his officers who were shot and also mentions how releasing videos during an investigation can compromise it. He does not come across as likable to me, though.

The part at about 2:00 about any leaking being met with the strongest possible discipline, is probably appropriate, but it turns me off big time. I like to see chiefs who back up his people, or at least be impartial, unless the behavior is really obviously atrocious.

Overall, the video gives an impression that the problem to be addressed is officers releasing evidence, when in reality, the real problem is officers being shot.

No. 1-6

What I don't like is the cops making money, by selling the video to the press. Something like that (cops getting killed) should be outlawed from being released on any platform. Thugs I don't mind, obviously.


I agree totally with the statement.

  1. If you violate your own Dept. Policies, YOU ARE A PROBLEM.
  2. Releasing Crime Scene Videos can jeopardize the conviction of asshats.
  3. Most importantly to me would be how family would feel learning a loved one was seriously injured or killed on social media would? Terribly Wrong!

Well whoever in the dept. is doing this is really going to have to pay the penalty...we are talking about NYC....the pit of the world...and the officers who "try" to keep it civil!

Cop Watch
Cop Watch

i see they have there priority's, beating, raping, robbing, shooting innocent people, killing innocent people are all OK, but leak a video! your going down! it is nice to know that making themselves look good is MORE important then protecting we the people! i just cant see why it is more important to go after someone that leaked some video then it is to get rid of the corruption in the blue mafia!

oly4ray 2020
oly4ray 2020

I do not see anything wrong at all by the chief. It is an issue. It can cause a person going to jail for a long time or none at all. A lot of bad consequences.
Good for you chief