Video: Large Family Starts Fights With Everybody On Cruise Ship

A large family of 23 people were booted from a cruise ship after terrorizing passengers and brawls broke out

A large family of 23 people were removed from a Carnival Cruise Line in the South Pacific after reports they were terrorizing passengers and a series of brawls broke out that were captured on video.

Video showed passengers – presumably family members that were removed - fighting with security personnel. The video showed security people repeatedly kicking the men they were fighting with after the men had fallen to the ground, CNN reported. (Video below)

A later cell phone video showed passengers cheering as the men were taken off the Carnival Cruise Line ship.

"We have a zero tolerance approach to excessive behavior that affects other guests," Carnival Cruise Line said in a statement. "In line with this policy, we cooperated fully with local authorities in Australia to remove a large family group who had been involved in disruptive acts aboard Carnival Legend."

A female passenger told Melbourne radio station 3AW there were many injuries.

"There's people been walking around with cut heads and hands and bandages everywhere," she told the radio station.

"They were looking for trouble from the minute they got on the ship," the female passenger said.

The woman also said that she and her husband tried to move her three children out of the swimming pool when the group came around.

"Five of them surrounded my husband," she said. "And unfortunately my children witnessed it and they're scared. We've been told to watch our backs by this group. We're scared to go anywhere on the ship."

Melbourne radio station 3AW reported that passengers said that security tried to confiscate the cell phones from people who were taking video of the brawls.

The New South Wales Police Force said they were told several men fought in the early morning hours Feb. 16 while the ship was out to sea.

Police said six men and three teenage boys were removed from the ship. Then 14 more people, including women and children, also left the ship. Police said they were transported to Canberra and other travel arrangements were made.

Police didn’t say if there were any charges.

The cruise ship can hold 2,100 passengers, according to CNN. They remaining passengers left the cruise ship Feb. 17.

Watch the video here:

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Liked how capt and security threw these savages a beating. They should have had maglite’s and send a message bs is not tolerated.


Hope they have a brig on board. And hand them over to local jurisdiction in waterway.

Old Codger
Old Codger

I don't think people realise that the Ship's Master has an awful lot of arbitrary power once the vessel is in International Waters.


Who is David Barkho & George Barkho ?


David is the father and George is the son...both involved in the fighting. It was the Barkho family that caused the problem and the family was kicked off the ship.