VIDEO: Knife-Wielding Man Tells Cops 'Go Ahead Shoot Me MFer,' So They Do

Oklahoma City police officers both shot and tased a knife-wielding man who was in a terrified woman's yard.

Oklahoma City, OK – Police have released the bodycam video footage of officers encountering a knife-wielding man in a woman’s backyard (video below).

The incident began when Oklahoma City police responded to a call for domestic violence at a home near Corona Drive and S. Santa Fe Street at about 6:05 p.m. on March 1, KOKH reported.

When Oklahoma City Police Officers Jose Gutierrez and Andy Tschetter arrived on the scene, they talked to witnesses to get more information about what was happening, bodycam videos showed.

“He showed up, and he came around the corner and he started to fight with her, and he destroyed all this sh**,” a young woman told officers in the video.

Her mother, who sounded very distraught, stayed locked behind iron gates as she talked to police. One of the officers told her not to worry, that he had a Taser, the video showed.

Then a man approached with another woman, and told police that the suspect was in the woman’s backyard.

The video showed the officers going across the street, and having to double-back to get keys from the homeowner, who had locked all the gates into her yard.

Officers entered the backyard and encountered 40-year-old Jonathan Boyd.

Police said Boyd had a knife, and refused to drop it when officers told him to do so, KOKH reported.

"Go ahead. Shoot me motherf**ker,” Boyd yelled at police in the video.

The police then shot Boyd.

Officer Tschetter shot Boyd with his handgun at almost the exact same moment that Officer Gutierrez deployed his Taser, KOKH reported.

The man dropped to the ground screaming, and officers were able to subdue and handcuff him, the video showed.

Afterwards, police said Boyd was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Officer Tschetter was placed on administrative leave pending investigation, as is protocol.

You can see the video of the incident below. WARNING - Graphic Content:

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Officer who said "Do you want our help or not?" Needs more training in handling domestics.


Momcatb you are one stupid bitch. Be confronted with these asswipes that want to kill you. Its why after 49 years wearing a badge I no longer do


great take down very professional