VIDEO: Kid Tells Former NFL Star On Ride-Along 'F--k You Cop'

Former Chicago Bear Matt Forte thought children would like him on the street but instead they told him something else.

Chicago, IL – Former National Football League star running back Matt Forte went for a ride-along with the Chicago police and got a rude introduction to what life can be like as a police officer.

Forte went with police on the South Side in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood and one child shouted an obscenity at him, according to (Video below)

“You know who that is?” Chicago Police Department Commander William Bradley asked a boy on the sidewalk as Forte walked with him in a ballistic vest.

“What’s up, man?” Forte told the boy as he approached to shake his hand. “What’s happening?”

Some young bystanders tell the boy, “No. No. That’s a cop. Let’s go.”

The boy kept his arms folded and refused to reach out for the handshake.

Forte tried to tell the bystanders he wasn’t a police officer.

“I used to play for the Bears,” Forte said. “You watch the Bears?”

Then a boy yelled back, “F—k you cop!”

In the video, Forte seemed surprised at the negative reaction even after saying he was a former NFL player.

“See, the narrative even to the young kids is that all police officers are bad,” Forte said to the cameraman filming the interaction. “And that’s not the case. We gotta find some kind of common ground. He didn’t even know or realize that I played for the Bears. Even when we told him, he said, ‘F-U.’ We gotta find something where that’s not the case and that’s not happening.”

Forte played for the Chicago Bears for eight seasons before moving on to the New York Jets for the final two years of his career, which ended in 2017. Forte finished with 9,796 yards rushing in his career, which included two Pro Bowl selections.

In 2012, Forte signed a four-year contract with the Chicago Bears worth $32 million, according to ESPN.

Watch the video here:

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Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Maybe the child had some negative experiences with bad police officers and has not had enough exposure to good police officers.


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