VIDEO: Inmate Takes Prison Employee Hostage, Gets Taken Down By Tactical Unit

Timothy Monk, 44, took a prison employee hostage for the second time on Dec. 26, 2018 in an Arizona state facility.

Buckeye, AZ – The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) has released a terrifying video of a violent, armed inmate holding a prison library employee hostage (video below).

The hostage situation occurred at about 8:15 a.m. on Dec. 26, 2018 when a maximum-custody inmate visiting the law library inside the Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis suddenly grabbed a staff member, according to a press release from the corrections department.

The video showed a uniformed correctional officer leaving 44-year old prisoner Timothy Monk just inside the library door.

Once inside, the librarian turned his back on the prisoner and Monk immediately bent down and retrieved a prison-made knife out of his shoe, the video showed.

Monk’s intended victim remained oblivious, facing the copy machine, as the inmate came up behind him and put the blade to his neck.

Initially, the librarian tried to fight back but gave up when he found himself on the floor with Monk’s arm around his neck and a knife to his neck, the video showed.

The ADC Tactical Support Unit was deployed, and personnel attempted to negotiate with Monk, who was demanding to leave the prison complex, according to the press release.

During the standoff, correctional officers deployed gas into the law library, and after a few moments, the video showed Monk dragging his hostage to a closet in the back of the room, and complaining that he felt nauseated.

“Are you sick to your stomach?” a staff member can be heard asking Monk in the video as he stood bent over his hostage with the blade in his right hand.

“Yep,” Monk replied.

“Is that from the spray?” the staff member asked.

“Probably,” Monk answered.

The video showed Monk wiping perspiration off his head and repeatedly blowing his nose on paper towels he found in the storage closet.

It was as Monk was feeling poorly that the tactical unit deployed a concussion device and additional gas into the library, and then made their entrance.

The video showed at least 10 correctional officers and a K9 in tactical gear moved quickly into the library to rescue the hostage.

Once the librarian had been taken outside, the correctional officers extracted Monk from the library and took him into custody, the video showed.

“Protecting the safety and welfare of our employees is paramount,” ADC Director Charles L. Ryan said in the press release. “We are grateful this was resolved safely and quickly. Our team acted with great professionalism to bring about the best possible outcome, ensuring that our employee was unharmed.”

This is not the first time that Monk has taken a prison employee hostage.

Monk took a female correctional officer at a Tucson prison hostage in 2006 using a shank made from razors and Plexiglas, the Arizona Republic reported.

He lured the officer into his cell by telling her that he had some black tar heroin he wanted to turn in, the Arizona Daily Star reported at the time.

The violent inmate demanded to be transferred to a prison in Montana and sexually assaulted the correctional officer during the five-hour standoff.

The officer refused to have sex with Monk, so he repeatedly touched her inappropriately and performed a sex act in front of her instead, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

The standoff ended when prison officials presented Monk with fake papers that confirmed his impending transfer to the prison of his choice.

A jury convicted Monk, who was already serving 97 years in prison for robbery and rape, of aggravated assault, kidnapping, sexual abuse, and promoting prison contraband in connection with his attack on the correctional officer.

Monk, who had been incarcerated since he was 16 years old, told the judge, and the official writing the pre-sentencing report, that he wasn’t sorry for attacking the prison employee and didn’t care how much extra time he received.

Twenty-eight years were added to his sentence, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

As he was led out of the courtroom after his sentencing, Monk yelled out “I shall return.”

Watch the hostage situation unfold in the video below:

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Hooray for the good guys


This is why we need the death penalty. This guy is a violent offender, a continual repeat violent offender and he has nothing to lose. He can never be returned to society, he will always keep trying to kill people, rape people... A firing squad, that would solve his problems.


If you have a disease in your body you try to kill it by whatever means available. If you have a disease in your society you should try to kill it by whatever means available. Wake up damn it.


We know criminals are stupid but this guy wins the Darwin Award. Didn't learn the first time. What an idiot!🤣🤣


I agree with what everything that’s already been said. I wonder if the librarian went back or quit his job. You wouldn’t be able to drag me back in there after something like that happened!!


Should have blown his diseased head off upon tactical entry! ENOUGH playing with this unrehabitatable vermin!! Waste of taxpayer $$


Throw his sorry ass in the hole until his sentence is over. He won’t ever get out


Don't we euthanize rabid dogs?? This POS is the equivalent of a rabid dog!! There are many more like him.