VIDEO: Home Invader Enters Bedroom, Exposes Himself Next To Sleeping Baby

Video captured the home invader's actions after he broke into a sleeping baby's room.

Layton, UT - Police are looking for a man who broke into a Utah home early in the morning and exposed himself in front of a baby sleeping in a crib and her nearby mother.

The intruder broke in at 3:40 a.m. on May 14 and it was captured on home surveillance, according to the Layton Police Department. (Video below)

The couple living in the home didn’t want to be identified, according to KSTU-TV.

The father said he knew something was up when they woke up.

"Our sliding door to our bedroom was halfway open. Certain things in my mind kind of triggered red flag," the husband told KSTU.

The husband checked the nanny cam and said he was shocked to see a man walking around his bedroom near his wife and infant son while they were sleeping.

"It terrifies me. I really don’t know how to process it," the wife told KSTU.

The burglar didn’t take anything despite several electronic devices in plain sight.

"What if he was taking pictures of me? I feel like that’s taken from me. My privacy of my body should be mine alone," the wife said, according to KSTU.

The couple isn’t sure how the man gained entry to their home. There were no signs of forced entry and every door was locked.

They think the suspect knew their garage door code which means he was watching them or knows the family personally.

The father said what worries them is that it could be a person they know who is doing this. The family also has a two-year-old girl.

"Imagine you have these little children, that your whole life revolves around these kids," the wife told KSTU.

The nanny cam was only installed a month ago so the family fears this wasn’t the first time the intruder broke in.

The couple hopes someone can identify the intruder, who is wearing a wedding ring in the video.

You can see the video below:

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A Hillary voter.


A good joke should have a kernel of truth, emphasized for humor. How sure are you this pervert is a Clinton voter?

He's a white guy in a very, very red state. Odds are heavily in favor that he voted for Trump, if at all. Now, I'm not sure either, because the story doesn't say and it really doesn't matter in this case. But, the signs don't really point to him being a Clinton supporter.

'A' for effort, though. You'll get 'em next time.


Who he voted for or his color has nothing to do with being a thug. One thing is for sure I can think of several ways to handle him and none of them is in his favor but I can promise you one thing he would never break into anybody else’s house. I can promise you that!!


ReserveDepty3431...Amen to that.


#ReserveDepty3431 "Our country" was always divisive. Lynchings and race riots, hello?

This guy (looks like a white guy) strikes me as a true sex offender. He's probably an upstanding member of the community when not groping and molesting and flashing children. Hope they catch him and give him life.

Classified 1234
Classified 1234

The fact that he made it that far in the house confirms that the perp knows the family the code to the garage and their routine needs to change weekly they need a German Shepard a .45 (licenced) and ADT.and motion dectors in the perimeter. This makes the hair on the base of my neck stand up... (and that is never a good thing)🤨🤨😡😡😠

I now love the fact that my bf (my sheepdog hero) is a light sleeper