VIDEO: Hero Teacher Jumps On Car To Save Children From Entitled Mom

A Texas woman was outraged that an elementary school coach refused to let her cut through a blocked-off area.

Sugar Land, TX – Community members have rallied behind a Dulles elementary school teacher, after an entitled woman posted a video that showed him jumping onto the hood of her car to block her from traveling into a restricted area (video below).

Rita Trimmer-Ray said she was running late getting her daughter to Dulles High School on May 8, so she decided to break the rules, KRIV reported.

She attempted to take a shortcut through Dulles Elementary, and was aware that the route was blocked off by traffic cones.

A teacher approached her, and told her she couldn’t come through, she said.

“And I thought, ‘If I go out I have to go back around and get back in line and we’re already late,’” she rationalized to KRIV.

Trimmer-Ray opted to ignore the teacher, drove around the traffic cones, and proceeded through the restricted area.

"I get to the second male teacher, and he’s flagging me down saying, 'no this is blocked off,' and I said, 'let me turn please. We’re running late,’” she explained.

When the teacher, identified as Dulles Elementary School Coach Aaron Young, refused to let Trimmer-Ray pass, she attempted to drive forward anyway, she said.

“Then I decided to drive around him, and he jumped on the hood of the car," she told KTRK. "This was outrageous. This was a teacher, a professional person who's managing children. To jump on the hood of my car... it's a bit much."

As Young laid across the hood of their car and told her she could not proceed, Trimmer-Ray’s daughter began recording the scene.

“You don’t know who you’re playing with,” she told Young through the windshield.

“I work here!” Young replied, as he showed the entitled woman his identification.

“It doesn’t matter!” she yelled back at him. “I’m going to post this!”

“Who does this?” the outraged woman later told KRIV. “I thought, ‘He has anger management issues.’”

Trimmer-Ray proceeded to complain about Young to school administrators, and even received an apology from the district’s superintendent, KTRK reported.

It was unclear whether or not Young would face potential discipline for his actions.

Many members of the community argued that Young acted heroically to protect the students, and that Trimmer-Ray was the only one guilty of wrongdoing.

A petition in support of Young had gathered nearly 16,000 signatures as of Friday morning.

You can watch Young's encountered with the arrogant woman in the video below:

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Maybe they have it blocked off for a reason dumbass. What's wrong with following the rules? Or are you too rich and privileged for that? I stand with School Coach Aaron Young! OK after seeing the video I realized you are not all the rich just privileged.


Why have him there if he can't stop the cars????? She's an entitled punk.


I live 4 houses down from an elementary school and the parents are the absolute WORST. Speeding, swerving, blocking streets, etc.


This is a snapshot of the world we live in. Those that believe the rules don't apply to them are becoming more and more prevent in a society that has been polluted by the liberal mindset.


This woman is a perfect example of why kids today learn to do dishonorable things in our society. She is another entitlement wack job. If she refuses to follow the rules then she can take her child to a school that has no order or rules.