VIDEO: Gunman Opens Fire On Group Of Police In Drive-By Shooting

Cleveland officers were at a crime scene with a gunman opened fire on them.

Cleveland, OH – Cleveland police released bodycam footage that showed the moment that a drive-by shooter opened fire on officers as they conducted an investigation outside of a residence on April 14 (video below).

Cleveland Police Department received a call at about 11:28 p.m. that someone in a “dark colored van” had fired multiple rounds at a residence on Decker Avenue, Cleveland Police Sergeant Jennifer Ciaccia told The Plain Dealer.

Officers responded to the scene and discovered that two vehicles and the home had been damaged by the gunfire.

Witnesses in the area were unable to identify the shooter, but described the gunman’s vehicle as being a “dark colored van,” The Plain Dealer reported.

As officers collected evidence and spoke with witnesses outside the residence, a van drove into the area once again.

"Is this it right here?" an officer asked in the video.

The witnesses told police it was the same van that was involved in the earlier drive-by, The Plain Dealer reported.

Suddenly, someone inside the van opened fire again, and sent officers and residents scrambling for cover, the video showed.

Approximately two dozen gunshots could be heard during the brief video clip.

No one was hit by the gunman’s bullets.

The van immediately fled the scene, and no arrests have been made, WJW reported.

You can see the bodycam footage of the incident below:

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Blue Lives Matter
Blue Lives Matter

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Sergeant PJB
Sergeant PJB

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