VIDEO: Gunman Opens Fire On Deputy, Gets Destroyed In Gunfight With SWAT

Sandy Malone

Officials said the deputy was making a traffic stop when the situation escalated and Joseph Hart started shooting.

Huger, SC – Officials released dashcam video on Wednesday of a February active-shooter situation that ended when deputies fatally shot the gunman (video below).

The incident began when a Berkeley County sheriff’s deputy attempted to initiate a traffic stop on Feb. 26, WPDE reported.

The deputy had just arrived in the area responding to a call about a disturbance between neighbors related to a speeding issue when he saw 51-year-old Joseph Hart speeding away from the scene.

Officials said the deputy tried to get Hart to stop, but the suspect vehicle proceeded and parked in the driveway of a home.

The situation escalated when the deputy pulled up into the driveway and got out of his vehicle, WPDE reported.

In the video, the deputy took about two steps from the door towards the front of his vehicle with his weapon drawn before he spotted Hart hiding behind his vehicle and took cover.

Hart fired several shots at the deputy, including some that struck the police vehicle’s windshield, the video showed.

“Let me get out of here,” the deputy yelled at Hart, attempting to negotiate. “Sir, let me get out of here.”

“Get ready to die, motherf--ker!” Hart yelled back.

Then Hart fired several more shots at the deputy.

The video showed Hart ran across the yard and hid behind a playset, and then crossed back to the middle of the driveway and took aim at the deputy and his police vehicle again.

Officials said Hart fired multiple handguns, a shotgun, and a rifle at the deputy, WPDE reported.

Hart kept the deputy pinned down behind his patrol vehicle for 30 minutes before Goose Creek Police SWAT officers were able to bring in an armored vehicle to defuse the situation.

SWAT officers tried to get Hart to surrender but he shot at them.

Police returned fire and Hart was fatally shot.

No officers were injured in the gun battle, WPDE reported.

Watch video of the incident below:

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“Get ready to die, motherf--ker!”

Sooooo, how'd that work out for ya...Mr. Hart?


No Humans were killed during this filming! With all the wonderful cops getting murdered across the country, maybe there should be a S.W.A.T. team out every day and night or give our officers a machine gun. I know this seems extreme but cops getting killed every day is extreme too BACK THE BLUE.


Remember when Obama and all the other politicians were doing everything in their power to take away armored vehicles from law enforcement because it "scared" people who were breaking the law? That is one of many reasons why I hated Obama. He never cared about cops. He would rather they go home in a body bag than some dirt bag who deserved to.




What an idiot.