VIDEO: Gunfight Between Deputies And Schizophrenic Man With AR-15 Shows Why All Cops Need Rifles

Deputies responded to a 911 call after Brian DiSario's mother called about her son having a 'schizophrenic episode', and that he was armed with a loaded gun.

Port Richey, FL - On Monday, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office released body-cam video about a gunfight from Thursday afternoon.

The incident occurred about 2:50 PM at 11605 Constance Ave, near Gulf Highlands Elementary School, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The school was supposed to dismiss at 4 PM, but went into lockdown as deputies surrounded the school, believing that Brian DiSario might come out of the garage with more weapons.

It started when DiSario fatally shot David Armstrong, age 56, who he believed was making advances toward his imaginary girlfriend.

Armstrong was a friend of his mother.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said, "In his mind, he did. But in reality he did not."

DiSario shot Armstrong in the garage, then went inside the residence, got a different gun, went back and shot Armstrong again.

Deputies responded to a 911 call from a woman believed to be DiSario's mother, who told dispatchers that she was in the garage, and that her son was the shooter.

The woman said, "Just get an ambulance here quickly. My son shot someone. He is schizophrenic. Please get the officer and ambulance here now. He's got a loaded gun."

She can then be heard in the call screaming "No," and "Hurry." The woman then described her son, who was later identified as Brian DiSario, age 30, and said, "Oh, God, he's outside with the gun."

When Pasco County Deputy Sheriff Nick Carmack and Pasco County Deputy Sheriff Michael Sudler arrived, they approached the residence with guns drawn, and saw DiSario outside of the residence.

One deputy shouted, "Hey bro, put your f***ing hands up."

In response, DiSario fired 10 shots at them with his rifle.

Officers returned fire.

As Deputy Carmack and Deputy Sudler were retreating, one deputy again yelled at him to put his hands up. A deputy can also be heard asking for his shield from the truck.

A gunfight ensued, and DiSario was later found dead. It is believed that he committed suicide. He was reported to have a long history of mental illness.

No deputies were injured.

Sheriff Nocco said that "the shootout broke out on the road that parents use to pick up their children from school."

"There's shell casings scattering that ground. It was an absolute gunbattle in the middle of the street."

DiSario was found in possession of a Core 15 CXV AR-15 rifle and a .22 rifle.

You can see the video of the gunfight below:

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The police have a right and a duty to protect themselves. A duty because if they go down it leaves innocents unprotected. In a gun battle no has time to psychoanalyze. When a weapon is pointed, it's kill or be killed.


I'm not a LEO, but I've been around LEOs since birth and have been to at least ten LEO funerals as a kid/young adult. I could never be a LEO because of so many LEO deaths around me: it finally got to me and I had a break down after the last funeral over 35 years ago. The LEO losses never stopped though.

I'm also seeing this situation from the perspective of a victim of violent crime on many occasions from having to live in a high crime area. One guy was high on PCP and attacked me with a crowbar. Another was a mental case, and I can't even discuss what he did to me, except to say he kidnapped me. Both times I expected to be killed, but didn't.

I don't care if a suspect is mental, on drugs or whatever. He or she is still a threat to any LEOs who have to deal with him/her, and I have no compassion for them if the officers are forced to defend their lives by killing them. I know some LEOs who didn't get the chance to shoot first, and either were killed, or severely wounded. I know some very young LEOs that I've lectured because one told me a story about a suspect w/a knife who was yelling "Shoot me!" as he ran toward the officer. He told me all he saw was the suspect w/ the knife approaching him quickly (he had his gun out, finger almost pulled the trigger) - but then he saw and heard the suspect's family crying and yelling "Don't shoot him!" So he almost was killed by NOT shooting, but at the last possible moment, the suspect dropped the knife. I told him what I tell all LEOs. Next time that happens, try picturing your WIFE AND KIDS over there yelling "Please come home" and shoot the (censored).


Unfortunately, we do not live in Mayberry today, where the sheriff could good-naturedly talk to a criminal and get him to disarm himself. Now, officers have to take sometimes drastic action to stop violence or threat of violence to themselves and to civilians. I'm all for officers to arm themselves with all equipment possible, including surplus military equipment (which, thank goodness, our President has lifted the ban on), to keep themselves and others safe.


Would be nice to be able to see the actual video. That link is the same link as the main article.


I feel this was justified, the man though schizophrenic was a threat to the Officers and any civilians in the vicinity. Good job to them, we need to remember this isn't the Andy Griffith show, this is real life, no smooth talking reasonable Sheriff Andy Taylor to make sure there is always a happy ending. This could have ended horribly and anyone that says the Police were not justified in shooting this man are fools.