VIDEO: Fugitive Takes On Entire Task Force In Motel Gunfight

Seventy-year-old Daniel Valdez opened fire on a police task force outside a Los Angels motel on Aug. 7.

Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has released surveillance video of a shootout between an elite fugitive task force and a wanted murder suspect outside a Los Angeles motel (video below).

The incident took place outside the lobby of the Central Inn Motel at approximately 11 a.m. on Aug. 7, when the task force comprised of federal agents and LAPD officers attempted to arrest a murder suspect, KABC reported.

Daniel Valdez, 70, was wanted in connection with the July 31 homicide of one of his family members in South Los Angeles, police said.

“The suspect was involved in a dispute with some family members and during that dispute, he shot two of them and one of them died as a result of that,” a police spokesperson said during a press conference shortly after the Aug. 7 shootout.

Security footage from the hotel’s reception area showed Valdez speaking with a clerk while officers outside moved along a wall toward the lobby.

Valdez looked out the lobby windows, then appeared to spot one of the officers, and reached into his pocket, the video showed.

The video showed he quickly walked out of the front door of the reception area, and pointed a handgun as he charged towards the officers rounding the corner of the building.

Valdez began shooting at the officers, and struck one FBI agent in the wrist, police said.

The task force members immediately returned fire, and Valdez collapsed onto the ground, the video showed.

The video showed his handgun hit the ground and came to rest several feet from his body.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators recovered Valdez’s .38 caliber revolver near his body, police said.

One of the FBI agents fired seven rounds, and two of the LAPD officers fired a combined total of 15 rounds during the encounter, Los Angeles Police Commander Alan Hamilton explained.

The department released three different videos of the scene, but were unable to release bodycam footage because the task force members do not utilize such equipment, Cmdr. Hamilton said.

The department is conducting a use-of-force investigation, which will be forwarded to the civilian Board of Police Commissioners for review, LAPD spokesperson Josh Rubenstein said in the video release.

The board will then “evaluate the evidence to determine whether the officers’ tactics and use of force met the high standards expected of all LAPD officers,” Rubenstein added.

You can watch security footage of the gunfight in the video below:

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Taken down by a 870!


time to die! surprised you made 70!


So the civilian review board will say... you should have used de-escalation in this situation... such an elite task force should have shot the gun out of his hand... couldn’t you use a Tazer... he should have just been wounded... did anyone tell him they were the police... you shot him too many times, it was unnecessary and excessive... we don’t see the officers giving him the opportunity to surrender... did anyone identify themselves as the Police... what color were the officers that murdered the little old man... well we think all of these murdering officers should be indicted... you know this will be in your personal file forever and will hurt at your promotion review boards... Oh, I’m sorry, did we not hear them say... good job officers, thanks for risking your lives, sorry about all the nightmares and flashbacks you will have forever and can we please provide some counseling for you or your family!?


Great job officers. stay strong, stay safe.


A review......just look at the video and ask yourself ONE question. Was the suspect, who had already shot two, and killed one, armed and shooting at the officers ?