VIDEO: Fugitive Starts Gunfight With Police, Loses Badly

Riche Santiago was fatally shot after he pulled out a gun and opened fire on Salt Lake City police officers.

Salt Lake City, UT – Police released bodycam video that showed a fugitive armed felon firing a gun at Salt Lake City police officers before he was fatally shot (video below).

The incident occurred at about 7:20 p.m. on Aug. 5 when two bicycle officers who were responding to a 911 hang-up call in the 700-block of S. 300 East spotted a vehicle wanted in a previous shots-fired call, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Police records showed the vehicle had no insurance so an officer approached the car and talked to the driver.

The video showed the driver admitted he wasn’t sure if his Wyoming license, which he didn’t have with him, was valid.

As the officer was talking to him, a back seat passenger – later identified as 29-year-old Riche Antonio Santiago - made to get out of the car to have a cigarette, but the officer told him to stay put because he was being detained.

Santiago told the officer he’d just gotten out of jail for fleeing from police, the video showed.

“How come you ran?” the officer asked.

“Because I was stupid,” the man explained. “Really stupid.”

“Yeah, that sounds like it was kind of stupid,” the officer agreed.

Then he asked another officer to watch the occupants of the car while he went back to his own unit to run Santiago and the driver’s information through the system.

In doing so, the officer learned that Santiago was wanted for misdemeanor fleeing, felony fleeing, and felony domestic violence assault, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

He also had a prior conviction for felony fleeing.

The officer returned to the suspect vehicle and told Santiago to get out of the car, the video showed.

“Please don’t tell me I’m going back to jail. Please sir,” Santiago begged.

“Yep, you’re under arrest,” the officer told him.

The video showed Santiago pleading with the officer and babbling about having anxiety as he turned to dig in his backpack.

The officers reached for the suspect with their weapons drawn as he pulled a black handgun out of the backpack and pointed it at them, the video showed.

Everyone in the car started screaming.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t,” the officer yelled as he and the other officer back away behind the car. “What have you got?”

A split-second later, the officers opened fire as Santiago sprang from the backseat firing his weapon and made a dash across the parking lot.

He dropped to the ground in a hail of gunfire about 20 feet away, still pointing the gun at the officers, the video showed.

Santiago was pronounced dead at the scene and multiple bodycam videos clearly showed officers found a gun and shell casings next to his body when they approached him to take him into custody.

No officers were injured in the gunfight, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Salt Lake City police have not named the officers involved in the incident but said they have both been placed on administrative leave, as is protocol for officer-involved shootings, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The shooting is being investigated by the West Valley City Police Department.

You can see the incident escalate at around the 8:55 mark in the video below:

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I guess his anxiety got the better of him...I bet he's feeling far less anxious now, however, which is a good thing


“Because I was stupid,” the man explained. “Really stupid.”

But it wasn't the stupidest thing you ever did...that occurred when you pulled a gun and fired at the police. The upside more stupid things for you!


He had a death wish, that’s what happens to wannabe gangster, obey the law.

Hunter Riley
Hunter Riley

Oh the horror...another dead illegal idiot


How the heck can NOT BE SURE if your driver's license is valid or not??