VIDEO: Football Coach Under Investigation For Whooping Student Who Threw Desk

Sandy Malone

A teacher is under investigation after he repeatedly punched a student who had thrown a desk.

Clayton County, GA – A teacher at Charles Drew High School in Riverdale is under investigation after a video of him pummeling a 14-year-old student on Friday went viral (video below).

The first video of the Feb. 1 altercation that was posted to social media made it look as though the coach had beaten up the student totally unprovoked.

But a second video of what precipitated that altercation surfaced shortly thereafter, and that footage told a different story altogether.

The complete cell phone video showed the student raging around the classroom.

Then he picked up a desk and threw it as classmates screamed, the video showed.

That’s when the English teacher, who also happens to be the football coach at the high school, intervened.

The video showed the teacher with his arms wrapped around the teenage boy from behind as they struggled.

The teacher took the student to the ground at the point, but the view of the boy on the ground is partially obscured by a desk, so it’s not known what he was doing at that time.

However, the video clearly showed the teacher bending over the student, punching him with his fists, until another student pulled him off.

The student’s guardian told WSB that the teacher made a joke about the boy’s hat, and told him to stop cutting up his mother’s stockings to wear on his head.

“He said he was picking on him, trying to make the class laugh, and that made him upset," Yaquanda Lucas said.

She said her godson suffers from mental health issues and school officials were well aware of the problem, WSB reported.

"I don't excuse him throwing the chair, I don't. There's a way to handle these kind of kids, and that's not the way that you do it," Lucas said.

She said the boy had suffered a concussion as a result of the fight.

The Clayton County School District refused to comment on the ongoing investigation.

They also refused to comment on the employment status of the teacher or whether the student was facing discipline, WSB reported.

No charges have been filed against the teacher or the student at this time.

However, WSB reported that its reporters had seen a criminal witness subpoena that said a court date had been set for later in February in the matter.

WSB did not say who had received the subpoena or who was being charged in the case.

Watch the incident unfold in the videos below:

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First of all.I would make the caregiver prove all those diagnosis that she goes on and on about are true. If they are why is that child put in with the other children? There should be plenty of witnesses to confirm if the teacher was taunting him about his hat. That being said then the teacher needs to resign. But like all the other reports we get is this more fake news? The three worst and dangerous jobs in the USA are police,nurses and teachers. There is no respect for any of them any more.


The kid deserved an a$$ wooping.


No way in hell this kid, with obvious mental issues should be in a public school setting. That said the Teacher/Coach really overdid it by punching the kid with a left, a right, a left, a right...etc. He should resign or be fired. And the kids "guardian" should get help and get him in a proper school and possibly on meds.


This comes under the category of tough shit. I am sure this wasn’t the first time this little punk as behaved this way. The teacher was probably at his breaking point dealing with him. I don’t agree with punching or hitting a student. There are 3 sides to this story both sides and the right side


Just another SAVAGE doing what SAVAGES DO !!!!!


I don't have a problem with the teacher containing the student, but don't feel the teacher should have been repeatedly punching the kid unless there was no other alternative. The video is not that clear to me.


the kid was assaulting the teacher twice his size. what was he thinking? did he think he could get away by pushing/wrestling against the teacher? he deserves the whooping.