VIDEO: Flash Mob Loots Walgreens Store As Helpless Employees Can Only Watch

A flash mob made up of about 60 teenagers terrorized South Philadelphia businesses on the 4th of July.

Philadelphia, PA – A flash mob of more than 60 teenagers overran a Walgreens store on the 4th of July, stole almost $7,000 in merchandise, and injured an employee (video below).

Police said the incident occurred at about 10 p.m. on July 4 at a Walgreens drug store located in the 1800-block of South Street in South Philadelphia, WNYW reported.

Video from the entrance of the store showed approximately 60 young people rushing into the store in groups.

Once inside, the surveillance videos showed they began running through the store, knocking things off shelves and onto the floor and taking whatever they wanted.

Surveillance video showed several young men ran down the cosmetics aisle and knocked makeup to the floor as they went.

Video of the exits from the inside of the store showed teenagers running out of the Walgreens with their arms and hands loaded with stolen booty.

No police are seen intervening at any time on the video.

Two different young men stopped inside the threshold of the doors and picked up bottles of water from a nearby display that they turned and lobbed at somebody off camera.

Police said a 46-year-old employee was injured in the attack.

"In the midst of that chaos, a store employee was struck with a bottle, causing injuries to his head," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew told WNYW.

The thieving vandals left the store in much the same way as they arrived, in chaotic groups, the video showed.

Police captured four of the suspects and cited them for disorderly conduct, but almost everyone fled before police arrived, WNYW reported.

The store estimated the merchandise stolen at between $6,000 and $7,000.

The same aggressive mob of teenagers is accused of having terrorized other business in the city on Independence Day, KYW reported.

Witnesses told KYW that the crowd originated in Penn’s Landing and grew in size as it moved up South Street.

Police released a series of pictures taken from surveillance videos inside the store and have said they expect to identify some of the looters, WNYW reported.

“I think it was totally unacceptable behavior,” said Kenyatta Johnson, the city councilwoman for the district the flash mob terrorized. “I think the young people who are involved and everything that took place inside the store should be held accountable. Most importantly, their parents should be held accountable.”

Watch the melee from start to finish in the video below:

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Baboons in a frenzy. Then "they" wonder why people don't want to be around them.


We be gettin our reparashins bro


These are the faces of Black America today. My sympathies to those Black Leos and citizens who are the exceptions to these behaviors . Nothing but disgust and disdain for those who act this way.


Walgreens is a pharmacy that sells opiates. They should allow their employees to be armed, and have an armed guards on the premises during operating hours!


No no. They're totally entitled to commit crimes and steal without repercussions because slavery ended 150 years ago.