VIDEO: Fired Cop Arrested For Impersonating A Cop Sues Real Cop Who Arrested Him

Jefrey Scott Schultz is suing the Doraville police officer who arrested him for impersonating a police officer in 2017.

Doraville, GA – A man who claimed to be a police officer to get out of a ticket for passing a school bus is suing the cop who arrested him for impersonating an officer (video below).

The incident occurred on March 8, 2017 when Doraville Police Officer J.E. Lowe stopped then 49-year-old Jefrey Scott Schultz after he observed him speeding past a stopped school bus, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Bodycam video of the incident showed that when the officer told the driver why he had been stopped, Schulz told the officer that he hadn’t seen the school bus that he passed.

Officer Lowe told the driver that the car next to him had stopped for the bus, and Schultz mentioned he was a police officer and asked to be let out of the ticket as “courtesy.”

But when the officer asked him what police department he worked for, Schultz became evasive and refused to tell Officer Lowe where he worked.

“You wanna tell me who you’re with or not? That’s fine. I’ll just write the ticket,” Officer Lowe told him.

Then he went back to his police vehicle and returned with a traffic citation for Schultz.

“You on the job somewhere?” Officer Lowe asked Schultz again.

“I can’t tell you sir,” Schulz replied.

Officer Lowe told Schulz that no law enforcement officer had ever refused to tell him where he worked in 29 years of policing.

The video showed that Schultz responded that in 27 years of doing police work, he’d never been treated that way or refused police courtesy before.

Schultz, who was wearing a blue baseball cap with a Thin Blue Line flag on it, claimed he wouldn’t say who he worked for while he was being recorded.

He told the officer and the officer’s supervisor, who had arrived on the scene about halfway through the stop, that he didn’t have his law enforcement credentials with him, the video showed.

Later in the day, Doraville police learned that Schultz had been fired from the Hapeville Police Department 10 years earlier and hadn’t worked in law enforcement since, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

He had also worked for several other police departments for short periods of time prior to his termination from Hapeville PD.

Schulz had retained his peace officer certification but wasn’t working as a police officer when he was stopped by Officer Lowe.

Instead, he was running his own private security company at the time he claimed to be a police officer, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Doraville police got a warrant for Schultz’s arrest for impersonating a police officer and went to his home to take him into custody the very next day.

“Please do not do this,” Schulz begged as the officer applied handcuffs.

“The warrant’s already been signed by the judge,” Officer Lowe told him.

The officer explained that his supervisors had discovered his lack of police employment and told him that he was being arrested for misrepresenting himself, the video showed.

“Why do you have to treat me like this?” Schulz whined. “I’m a Georgia certified peace officer. I’ve saved lives.”

“I’ve got your POST history right here, bro,” Officer Lowe cut him off and put him in the police car, the video showed.

Schulz pleaded guilty to the traffic infraction and the prosecutor dropped the charges for impersonating a police officer, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Two years after the arrest, the YouTube channel Real World Police created two videos of the bodycam footage from Schulz’s traffic stop and arrest on posted them online.

The channel has almost 200,000 subscribers and the two videos – titled “Cringeworthy Police Impersonator Jefrey Scott Schultz” and “Arrest of Police Impersonator Jefrey Scott Schultz” have already been viewed almost two million times combined since March.

In the arrest video, Real World Police included a list of the eight police departments that Schulz had worked for between September of 1989 and December of 2007, three of which employed him for five or fewer months.

They also included the complaint that led to Schulz’s termination from the Hapeville PD after he was caught doing personal business while on the clock and accusations of abusing his police authority to exert pressure on people affiliated with his business.

There doesn’t appear to be any link between Officer Lowe and the Real World Police, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Schulz filed a lawsuit against Officer Lowe for unlawful arrest and said that the publicity surrounding his arrest – specifically the bodycam video – had hurt his reputation and his security business.

“The truth needs to be out there as to what took place and it’s wrong to abuse your authority in your job to intentionally try to hurt someone,” Schultz told WSB.

Doraville police told WSB the department is standing behind Officer Lowe.

“We believe our officer acted appropriately as evidenced by the finding of probable cause by both a DeKalb County Magistrate judge and a Grand Jury for the arrest and indictment, respectively,” the Doraville PD said in a statement.

The police department has refused to make further comment due to the pending litigation, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

You can see videos from the incident below:

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The wanna be officer did several stupid things that day...pass stopped school bus, impersonate an officer, lie to the ticketing officer and be stupid in public. He deserves what he got. Now he's suing? I hope there is a counter suit somewhere in the future.


Poor guy keeps digging a bigger hole for himself. Just cut your losses and move on!


This is the problem with Georgia. An officer get fired from a department, gets to keep their POST certification and move to another department. Over and over again. Still living in the”good-old-boy” days of the old south. Disgusting. All those agencies and still certified!


Glad his ass was fired and hope he spends a wad on a suit he can't win.


If he was fired 10 years ago and hasnt been employed by another agency in 10 years...

  1. He is not an Officer.... Therefore impersonation of a public official... Charge should NOT HAVE BEEN DROPPED.
  2. He passes a school bus but claims he didn't see it.... Well honest question? Was he distracted by phone, radio, ect?
  3. Why not just say what department you are with at first contact?