VIDEO: Felon Gets Shot By Police While Drawing Gun, Family Now Suing

Police have released bodycam of Patrick "Chucky" Sanchez repeatedly reaching for his gun while fighting with police.

Glendale, AZ The family of a convicted felon who was fatally shot by police after he grabbed a handgun while resisting arrest has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the city (video below).

Police released bodycam footage in late August of the July 1, 2017 altercation.

All three officers involved in the incident have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing by the Maricopa County Attorneys Office, KTVK reported.

Glendale police received a report of a hostage situation at an apartment complex near Glendale Avenue and 81st Avenue on July 1, 2017, The Arizona Republic reported.

According to the report, a woman and her paralyzed boyfriend were being held hostage by a woman and a man who was armed with a gun and a knife.

The armed suspect was later identified as 23-year-old Patrick Chucky Sanchez, who had previously been convicted of vehicle theft, burglary, and drug offenses, The Arizona Republic reported.

Bodycam footage showed the officers as they spoke with Sanchez on the east side of the apartment complex, while other officers spoke with a woman and the reporting party nearby.

Hey man, Im gonna pat you down real quick. Ill have you sit down over here, okay? Glendale Police Officer Joel Queenan told Sanchez in the video.

Serious? Sanchez responded, as he stood hunched-over just inside the open drivers side door of a vehicle.

Well, Im not here to play games with you, Officer Queenan told him. Stand up.

Sanchez appeared to comply with the officers order to place his hands on top of the vehicle, but then suddenly dropped his left arm.

Officer Queenan spotted the movement, and quickly grabbed Sanchezs left hand to prevent him from reaching, The Arizona Republic reported.

He told investigators he pushed Sanchez to the ground, where he tried to get him under control.

Officer Badr Elkhannoussi said he spotted a silver portion of Sanchezs weapon beginning to come out, during the scuffle, so he pointed his duty weapon at the combative suspect.

What the f--k are you doing? Sanchez said in the video, as he continued to resist their efforts. Im not doing anything, man!

Stop reaching for s--t! one of the officers ordered.

Hes reaching for something! Hes reaching for it! another officer yelled.

Officer James Saylor also jumped in to assist, and the three officers held their duty weapons against Sanchezs head as they continued their attempts to keep him away from his gun, The Arizona Republic reported.

Hes got his hand on a f--king gun! one officer warned.

Officer Saylor said he was losing his grip on Sanchezs wrist, and that he could feel the suspects hand as he grabbed a hold of the weapon, The Arizona Republic reported.

The officers later said they thought the weapon might have fallen from Sanchezs waistband to his ankle during the altercation.

He repeatedly reached towards his ankle during the fight.

Sanchez refused orders to drop the gun, and Officer Saylors hold was failing.

Officer Elkhannoussi fired three rounds, hitting Sanchez in the upper back.

A Beretta .380 fell just feet away from where Sanchez collapsed onto the pavement.

Investigators later discovered that the weapon was unloaded.

The female who accompanied Sanchez to the apartment was ultimately released because detectives did not have sufficient evidence to prove her involvement.

Sanchezs mother, Tracey Chapline, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Glendale and Officer Elkhannoussi in June, KTVK reported.

Dont judge my son, Chapline told The Arizona Republic. Thats it.

"I have reviewed the videotape which is still very disturbing," Chaplines attorney, Jody Broaddus, told the news outlet. "You never want to see a human life taken in any way. But whether or not the police were justified? We're still exploring that."

You can see the incident in the video below:

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Celtic Gyrl
Celtic Gyrl

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Plain as day the officers had every right to defend themselves from a hostile criminal who absolutely refused to comply with police! Sue all you want, your son had it coming


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Back The Blue

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