VIDEO: Family Says Cop Overreacted In Shooting Machete-Wielding 'Gentle Giant'

A Port Arthur police officer shot Shayne Lyons after the man came towards him wielding a machete.

Port Arthur, TX – Port Arthur police released bodycam and dashcam video on Friday of an officer-involved shooting of a man with a machete (video below).

The incident occurred on Dec. 28, 2018 when Port Arthur Police Officer Aaron Taylor encountered a machete-wielding man in the middle of the 1600-block of Kansas Avenue, KBMT reported.

Dashcam and bodycam videos showed Officer Taylor got out of his police vehicle with his weapon drawn and ordered 35-year-old Shayne Lyons to “drop the knife” multiple times.

Instead of complying with the officer’s commands, Lyons walked toward Officer Taylor at a steady and deliberate pace, the videos showed.

Lyons was holding a machete in his hands as he approached the officer.

“Drop it!” Officer Taylor yelled in the video. “Put it on the ground right now!”

Lyons ignored all of the officer’s commands and proceeded to walk directly to Officer Taylor, the video showed.

When Lyons got to within eight feet of the officer, where he could have easily taken a swipe at him with the long blade, Officer Taylor opened fire and fatally shot Lyons.

Officer Taylor fired eight shots, the Beaumont Enterprise reported.

The video stopped at the point where Lyons was standing where Officer Taylor fired at him and does not show the actual shooting.

Lyons was pronounced dead at the scene, according to KBMT.

Port Arthur Police Chief Tim Duriso and Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham later announced that toxicology testing had determined that Lyons was carrying PCP in a pack of cigarettes.

In February, a Jefferson County grand jury declined to indict Officer Taylor after they were presented the findings of a joint investigation by the prosecutor and Texas Rangers, the Beaumont Enterprise reported.

Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney Cory Kneeland said the grand jury made their decision "methodically, logically and unemotionally” and he was supportive of it.

Although the shooting has been ruled justified, an internal affairs investigation is ongoing, the Beaumont Enterprise reported.

Officer Taylor has been with the Port Arthur Police Department for two years, according to KFDM.

Prosecutors showed the bodycam and dashcam videos to Lyons’ mother and immediate family before they were released to the general public, KFDM reported.

Initially, city officials did not want to release the video at all, but after threats of a lawsuit from Lyons’ family and outraged protests from the community, they reversed their earlier decision.

After seeing it, his family complained that they believed Officer Taylor had overreacted when he shot the man coming at him with a machete.

"Why did he have to shoot that many times?" Lyons’ brother, Andre Molo, asked KBMT.

Molo said he wasn’t satisfied by the explanation being given by the authorities.

"I didn't actually find anything new today," he said after the press conference where the videos were released to the public.

The family insisted that if the officer had handled the situation differently, Lyons would still be alive.

"He was nothing but a gentle giant and he was very passive person," Molo told KBMT.

He questioned why Officer Taylor didn’t call for backup prior to approaching Lyons.

Molo told the Beaumont Enterprise that he thought Officer Taylor should have talked to his brother to find out what was going on and why he was carrying a machete before he ordered him to put down the blade.

Watch Lyons approach the officer with a machete in the video below:

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This family needs to understand that those of us who served don't give a rats ass that you think he's a gentle giant. He responds to our commands, he goes to jail, nothing else. He doesn't? He dies. Simple as that.


He had a machete! A knife is bad enough. What else do you do when the mental won’t comply?


21ft rule in action


Why did he only shoot 8 times? Because his finger got tired or his piece jammed. I like the Florida Sheriff who was asked why a cop killer was shot so many times. He replied...because we ran out of ammunition. You shoot to neutralize the, two or a full mag, doesn't matter. You go home and they don't.


And why do we care what the family thinks? They are trying to excuse behavior that came from the way he was raised plus the choices he continues to make. So the family is either directly responsible for him - as in they really messed up raising him OR they are indirectly responsible for not getting him help for his drug problem.

Whether it's one or the other or a combo of the two (most probable), the family allowed this to occur. And now they are blaming everyone but themselves.

The family should be responsible for the officer's suffering as he's having to live with the aftermath of taking a life. Anyone who thinks that cops want to take lives or that they aren't affected by it are just short-sighted idiots.