VIDEO: Family Demands Justice For Man Fatally Shot While Shooting At Police

Thurman Blevins was fatally shot while shooting at police officers.

Minneapolis, MN - Minneapolis police have released bodycam footage of the fatal officer-involved shooting of Thurman Blevins Sunday night (video below.)

Despite the video showing that the shooting was justified, Thurman's family is demanding "justice."

The incident happened June 23 at around 5:30 p.m. as officers were dispatched to the 4700 block of Bryant Avenue North for an intoxicated male walking around shooting a gun into the air, according to the dispatch log.

The suspect was described as a light complexion black male, with a white or grey tank top, black backpack, age 35-36, six feet tall, 180 pounds, with tapered hair, holding a bottle of gin and a can of Four Loko liquor.

"That’s very, very specific,” Officer Ryan Kelly said in the raw bodycam video.

"Yeah," replied Officer Justin Schmidt.

After driving through the area, the officers located Blevins, 31, with tapered hair, in a black tank top, with a black backpack, carrying a bottle of gin, with a gun visibly sticking out of his pocket.

“What about this guy?" Officer Schmidt said. "He’s got a bottle of gin. Is he black tank top, tapered hair? Yeah. He’s got a gun!”

Blevins started running and the officer chased him while continually ordering him to stop.

“Stop or I’ll shoot. Stop or I’ll shoot. Stop or I’ll shoot,” Officer Kelly told him.

Blevins just responded saying things such as, "Come on, man," and "I didn't do nothing bro."

"You've got a gun motherf---r," Officer Schmidt said.

"No," Blevins replied.

"Yes you do!" Officer Schmidt said, "Put it down. I will f---ing shoot you. Put your hands up!"

Blevins continued to tell officers to leave him alone as he ran from them.

Once in an alley, Blevins drew his gun and fired a shot at the officers.

Both officers responded by destroying Blevins in a hail of gunfire.

According to KSTP, Officer Schmidt's attorney released a statement which said, "The video shows Thurman Blevins fired one shot at officers. It’s gratifying to know the actions of the officers were justified.  Hopefully the public learned a lesson to wait for all the facts and video to come out before vilifying officers."

Shortly after the shooting, the Minneapolis NAACP president had released a statement which said, "Eye witnesses stated he was killed while running away from the officers. The witnesses say that he was sitting on the curb with his girlfriend and baby. The cup that he was drinking can still be seen at the scene.”

The Blevins family was able to see the video an hour before its public release.

After seeing the video, Sydnee Brown, spokesperson for the Blevins family said, "Officers Ryan Kelly and Justin Schmidt should be fired without pay and prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

You can see the video of the shooting below. This is a computer stabilized version of the video produced by the National Center for Audio & Video Forensics. If you want to see the unedited bodycam video, you can see it on the City of Minneapolis website. WARNING: Graphic Content.

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My baby din du nuffin he bout to go to college to be a Rocket Surgeon! We want us some justice what I'm talkin bout.


Extreme stupidity runs in this family apparently!! If he had just complied, he'd be alive. Then even after the video shows him pulling a (probably illegal) gun on the officers, they still want to claim the officers were wrong?? They are so blinded by those ghetto lottery dollar signs, they have no common sense anymore!! Smdh


Justice was served. The dirtbag was killed!


I'm glad that an independent company (so that the MPD can't be accused of edits in their favor) was able to use technology to clean up the raw footage and show the pertinent data much better. I watched the video from the officers' cams and it's difficult to really see the moment when the suspect turns and shoots but it's crystal on the enhanced video. If the family was shown all 3 vids (2 officers + 1 enhanced) it's impossible for them to make this out to be anything other than what it is.


How in the hell after his family watched the SAME video we just saw say that this Officer should be prosecuted?!!!!! I just don't understand, smfh. GREAT job by these Officer's 👏💙💯