VIDEO: Excited Delirium Man Dies After Smashing Bank Door, Crazed Fight W/ Cops

Joshua Harvey continued to fight, despite being tased numerous times.

Tulsa, OK The Tulsa Police Department has released bodycam footage that showed a man battling with officers after he shattered the glass door of a bank with his bare hands (video below).

The suspect died at a local hospital several days later.

The incident took place at Arvest Bank on Aug. 24, after police received several reports of a man who was tearing off his clothes and screaming, Tulsa World reported.

Bodycam footage showed the officers as they made contact with the suspect, later identified as 25-year-old Joshua Harvey, at attempted to take him into custody in the middle of a street.

Relax, one officer said calmly, just before Harvey took off running towards the bank.

He hasnt done anything yet. Hes just acting crazy, one officer told his partners. Hes on somethinglets let him wear his -ss out. Well catch up to him.

The officers returned to their vehicles and began heading towards Harveys last known location.

Dont run in the bank, the officer said as he began getting out of his car to intercept Harvey again.

As the officers followed after him, Harvey reached the banks outer doors and began yanking on them aggressively, causing one to shatter and sending an explosion of cascading shards down onto his head, the video showed.

Harveys face was instantly covered in his own blood from the shattered door, police said, according to Tulsa World.

Oh s--t. Alright. Were gonna tase him, one officer said, as they made their way across the broken glass and into the bank.

Tase him, the officer repeatedly told his partner, as they moved in behind Harvey just outside a second set of glass doors.

Despite the jolt of electricity, Harvey managed to stay on his feet, and pulled open the glass door before he collapsed onto the ground.

The officers ordered Harvey to place his hands behind his back, but he repeatedly tried to rise to his feet, prompting an officer to tase him again.

Roll over, one officer ordered, as Harvey firmly crossed his arms across his chest.

Yeah! Yeah! Harvey yelled, while another officer tased him yet again. Go harder! Go harder!

Harvey whooped and rolled onto his back, continuing to fight the officers attempts to handcuff him and clasping his hands together in front of him.

Relax buddy, roll over, one officer said.

No! Harvey replied, writhing on the ground. Im Lebron James.

Working together, the four officers were able to wrestle Harveys left hand into the handcuffs, but he kept his right arm clenched firmly underneath his chest as he laid on his stomach, and refused commands to release his hand.

What the hell is he hooked onto? on officer asked.

Nothing, hes just turtling up, another responded.

It ultimately took all four officers to force Harveys right hand out from underneath his body and into the handcuffs.

One officer then directed another to contact emergency medical personnel.

Hes obviously on something, the officer said. Theres no way we got him without the Taser. We would have been wrestling him for an hour.

One officer commented that he hoped Harvey didnt have any infectious diseases, because his blood was all over one of the other officers.

Oh dude, I know. I know, the officer responded.

The officers held Harvey to the ground as they waited for medical personnel to arrive.

Get the tasers off me! Harvey yelled at one point, presumably referring to the probes in his back.

No. Youve been naughty this morning and were not happy with you, the officer responded. Were really disappointed in your behavior todaynow they gotta do all kinds of biohazard cleaningwas a perfectly nice business.

Allah! Jesus! Harvey began yelling.

Gotta pick one of them, one officer replied.

The officers discussed the lack of effect the Tasers had on Harvey, and one officer commented that one of the devices didnt seem to be working properly.

When his Taser didnt work, I was like, Oh I betcha one of your leads isnt working, so I hit him and then it worked, one officer said. How many times did we hit him, like 10and just nothing.

Harvey appeared to lose consciousness just before medical personnel wheeled a gurney into the bank.

He was pronounced dead at the St. John Medical Center on Aug. 27 three days after the altercation, Tulsa World reported.

Tulsa police are awaiting the medical examiners office report to determine the manner and cause of Harveys death, and released bodycam footage of the altercation in an effort to collaborate and show transparency, Tulsa World reported.

At this point we just want to know exactly what happened between Joshua and the TPD officers, and call on TPD to be forthcoming and transparent during this process, Harveys familys lawyer, Damario Solomon-Simmons said on Friday evening, according to Tulsa World. In the meantime, I ask for prayer for Joshuas family as they prepare for his funeral services.

You can watch bodycam footage of the incident in the video below:

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Great ending! One less druggy on the street. That guys was dangerous. Do not do drugs.


seemed like the perfect take down.

Pirate life
Pirate life

It would be nice to know what possessed him to act this way. Did he have a history of mental illness or what type of drugs he consumed?

He's obviously conscious and in good physical health after being arrested. Way too young to die three days later.


he should have Just Said No.


seemed like a textbook arrest, but damned if you do and damned if you don't. thug lottery coming up. can't wait for the autopsy. Be willing to bet it's drugs it's wet or meth. wonder if the higher ups will stick by their officers or throw them under the bus. Glad no LEOs were hurt in this foray. Stay strong, stay safe.


At this point we just want to know exactly what happened between Joshua and the TPD officers..."

Well, he fought the law and the law won. Film at 11. Duh.


Another example of METH IS DEATH


Gotta get these drugs off the streets.


Need to stop Giving FREE NARCON to these people and for what just to do it again the next day . Would have less drugies And then NOT to be charge . And in the mean time families can't afford an EPIpens .


123 comes the protesters and its going to be for trying cook the guy