VIDEO: Ex-NFL Player Attacks Cops, Almost Breaks Deputy's Arm

A former NFL and Ohio State lineman was tased twice on Friday night, after he slammed a van door on a deputy's forearm.

Dublin, OH – A drunken former NFL player was tased by Delaware County deputies on Friday night, after he slammed the sliding door of a van on the arm of a deputy who was trying to help him (video below).

The incident occurred on June 1, after employees at the Bogey Bar & Grill asked deputies to remove former Ohio State and NFL offensive lineman Kirk Barton from the bar, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Delaware County deputies were working a special duty assignment at the establishment to assist with crowd control following a golf tournament, department spokeswoman Tracy Whited told The Columbus Dispatch.

Management said that Barton, who weighs 300 pounds and stands 6 feet, 6 inches tall, was “intoxicated, stumbling, and knocking people over.” They requested that deputies remove him from the premises, Whited explained.

Barton, 33, initially cooperated with the deputies and was led to a taxi van waiting outside.

He was unable to remember his address, so Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Lee assisted him in retrieving his license from his wallet while the former lineman sat inside the open van door, bodycam footage showed.

When the driver was unable to read the address on the license, he handed it back to the deputy, who reached into the vehicle to retrieve the ID.

Suddenly, Barton grabbed the sliding door and slammed it on Deputy Lee’s forearm, the video showed.

The deputies quickly pushed the door back open and grabbed onto the combative man, but he remained firmly planted in the seat.

“We’re not going to tell you again – get out of the car,” one deputy warned, with his Taser aimed directly at Barton.

“No,” the man replied, as he reached to close the sliding door again.

“I’m gonna tase him,” the deputy cautioned those nearby. “Taser deployed, we need a cruiser up front.”

Barton began to step out of the vehicle but pulled back inside as the shock subsided.

“You’re gonna get it again, brother,” the deputy warned, before he tased Barton for a second time.

The former linebacker continued to pull away as deputies yanked him from the vehicle and onto the ground, where he was handcuffed.

The extent of Deputy Lee’s injuries was unclear.

Barton was charged with felonious assault on a law enforcement officer on Monday, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

Barton played for the Ohio State Buckeyes from 2004 until 2007 and was awarded Ohio All-American honors during his senior year, reported.

He went on to play for a number of NFL teams before he retired in 2010.

You can see the video of the incident below:

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Alcohol equals job security.

Lt Retired OCPD
Lt Retired OCPD

All he had to do was cooperate and he would have been home. I can’t count the number of times I dealt with these type of people. Might as well have a sign around his neck that said “arrest me”. What is wrong with people that they now think they can just resist police action. When told to do something just do it. If it was wrong then fight it with the court system. Resisting whether verbal or physical will only get you an all expense paid trip to the local jail.


All he had to do was provide his DL so they could get him home. How he's arrested. Stupid man


What a stupid ass!! He was so intoxicated he couldn't remember his address?? Smdh

Richard Kurtz
Richard Kurtz

Well, he isn't black so we wont hear the usual police brutality claims.