VIDEO: 'Everybody Wanna Say F-k The Police. F-k You!' Cop's Rant Goes Viral

A deputy's rant about trying to arrest a naked guy on PCP has gone viral.

A video rant by a black deputy has gone viral as an admiring public heeded the cop’s request to make him famous so he could resign from the police department (video below).

The deputy, whose name and department were not known, recorded his rant while he was in full uniform, sitting in his patrol vehicle, at the beginning of a long shift.

“I’m gonna go get this 12-hour shift man, but uh, real tough man – everybody wanna say ‘f-k the police,’ man. Say – f-k you!" the deputy started.

"Sh-t, every time Pookie Earl hit the goddamn wet stick and he come in the house trippin on a [unintelligible] you wanna call me… say f-k me, no f-k you man, shit. I ain’t got time to be fighting his naked ass,” the deputy continued

A “wet stick” was a 1980’s term for marijuana that has been soaked in liquid PCP, heroin, acid, or embalming fluid, according to the Urban Dictionary.

Although scientists have yet to link the use of “wet” drugs to violent behavior, officers have reported that suspects who have used those drugs often exhibit bizarre and unpredictable behavior during arrests, and seem to have super human strength.

PCP does work as an anesthetic and numbs pain, Time reported, which can make it more difficult to subdue an out-of-control suspect.

“Sh-t, hit his ass with the Taser – that sh-t don’t work. Try to square up with the motherf-ker – that shit don’t work. I’m like man, I’m gonna say ‘you got it, bro. You got it – I ain’t even gonna fight with you, man,’” the officer continued, sounding frustrated.

“Say man, it’s tough out here though man. I can’t do this sh-t forever – they’re gonna kill me out here man. Y’all like, comment, share my videos. Let me get viral so I can put my two week notice in,” the officer finished the video by asking viewers to make his video famous so he can leave his job before something happens to him.

So far, he’s been successful and the video has been republished on countless websites and is tracking millions of views.

A number of viewers have expressed concern in the video’s comments that the officer’s department may be helping him with his resignation once the sheriff gets ahold of his now-viral rant.

Feel free to help make him famous and share this on social media.

You can see the video below:

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That sums up the 21st century policing and no one would say it like this burnt out cop. Remember I want a friend buy a dog or call fd. People shit and puss on the society sheepdogs. Remember pd doesn’t call u. U call pd. Hate the service stop calling. Its a thankless job and having spineless chiefs, lt’s, capt’s, and sgt’s does not make the job any easier. Monday quarterbacking the cop bending to anti cop activists so libshitbag mayor will be ok or spinesless gop rhino one too.

This cop said what cops around the nation feel and go through every dam day.

Wish the best brother. Watch your 360. Do your best and don’t beat yourself up.

Most important thing is going home at the end of tour.

Fuck these people. Fuck m all I say. U too David Hogg.


Well said Bronx!


It's a shame he has burned out so young, but it's better for him to go now. Still young enough to find another career.


With all the crap these officers have to deal with daily, it's a wonder we don't see more of these videos. Officer should take a chill pill or maybe his rant is helping him cope. I would not have the patience most of these officers display.


It’s ashame Officers are having to go through the crap they are having to go through. I am glad that I’m retired. I couldn’t do it out there today. When I policed people respected officers. They knew if they messed up they were going to pay for it and You dam sure didn’t put your hands on an officer. If you did it wasn’t but once. Now these thugs out there today do not respect law enforcement and there are a lot of officers out there today that burnt out but they think they can’t get a job outside of law enforcement. You can there are a lot more rewarding careers out there. Let the thugs have it. Just like this officer said let them have it, let them handle there own crap since they don’t like the police!