VIDEO: Easter Bunny Delivers Whooping To Violent Suspect Before Cops Arrive

An Easter bunny tried to break up a sidewalk fight on Sunday in Orlando.

Orlando, FL – A Good Samaritan in an Easter bunny costume came to the rescue of a woman who was fighting with a man on a sidewalk in Orlando on Sunday (video below).

Witnesses to the sidewalk fight captured the incident on cell phone video and shared it to social media.

As the video began, a woman was struggling to free her leg from the grasp of a man who was down on the sidewalk holding on to her.

The video showed her striking the man repeatedly in her attempt to break free, before he grabbed her and pulled her down to the sidewalk with him.

As this was happening, a person wearing an Easter bunny costume ran into the melee and began throwing punches with his huge, white, padded-costume paws.

Initially, it was difficult to tell in the video whose side the white rabbit was on, but after the man pulled the woman to the ground, the Easter bunny clearly went to work in her defense.

The video showed the bunny wrapped his arms around the man’s waist and pulled him off of, and away from, the woman.

When the man refused to release the woman, the giant bunny started to pummel him. Then he tried to drag the man away from the woman again.

When that failed to work, the Good Samaritan Easter bunny began hitting the man again in an effort to make him release the struggling woman.

At that point, another bystander approached the white rabbit as if to intervene, but that’s when police arrived on the scene.

Amusingly, the video showed the responding officer was unfazed when he arrived to find the Easter bunny on the scene.

The Easter bunny stepped back when police arrived and let the officer take over.

The pair continued to try to fight with one another as the officer intervened, but the bystander who had approached the rabbit held them apart, the video showed.

The Easter bunny, not to be outdone while cameras were rolling, began boxing with the air from his position 20 feet away from the brouhaha, making fun of the fighting couple and eliciting laughs from the witnesses to the bizarre fight.

No information about the identity of the Good Samaritan Easter Bunny or the pair fighting has been released, and it was not known if any arrests had been made.

You can see the video of the incident below:

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Love it! A bunny who not only delivers eggs but also delivers punches, as well!


What's infuriating about this whole situation is that everyone stood around with their phones on record rather than intervening and helping the woman out. Instead the Easter Bunny had to break them up. WTF is wrong with you people. Put your phones down and help


A bunch of worthless idiots videotaping.


LOL.... the look on the guys face as he's getting pummulled by the bunny is classic..


Fact is, you just DON'T mess with the "E-Bunny", He's on a mission and it's serious.