VIDEO: Drunk Tries To Start Fight With Cops On New Year's Eve, Gets His Wish

A Shreveport officer tased and arrested a drunk and disorderly man just before midnight on New Year's Eve.

Shreveport, LA – The Shreveport police chief is backing his officer who tased and arrested a drunk and disorderly man on New Year’s Eve in a video that has since gone viral.

The incident occurred shortly before midnight on a downtown street corner when Joshua Lyon and his brother walked by some police officers who were handling a traffic stop.

Lyon stopped to express his opinion on the police officers’ tactics and his brother filmed the ensuing altercation and arrest on his cell phone.

The video began as the officer told Lyon he was interfering in an investigation.

“You’re worrying about something that’s got nothing to do with you,” the officer told Lyon.

But Lyon disagreed and pushed his luck.

“What is happening here? …you’ve got one two three four officers here. Don’t you got better s--t to do on New Year’s Eve bro? This is ridiculous,” he chastised the officer.

The officer remained calm and told Lyon to keeping walking, the video showed.

But Lyon became very worked up.

“I’m going to stand here and talk however I want. This is fucking America!” he screamed in the officer’s face.

One of the other officers said something unintelligible in the video, but Lyon reacted so much so that the original officer backed him away.

“Back up off of me, b--ch!” Lyons yelled at the officer.

That’s when the video showed the officer grabbed Lyon and took him to the ground.

Lyon resisted arrest and began screaming in an out-of-control manner as he fought and swore at police.

Then police tased Lyons to subdue him, and took him into custody.

Eventually, the video showed officers escorting a handcuffed and irate Lyon to a transport vehicle.

In the meantime, Lyon’s brother who was filming the scene had his own exchange with the other officers, the video showed.

When he got too close trying to film his brother’s arrest, the officers told him to back up.

When he didn’t comply, they threatened to arrest him for public intoxication as he was walking on a city street and carrying an alcoholic beverage, the video showed.

The video quickly went viral and drew both criticism and support.

Shreveport Police Substitute Police Chief Ben Raymond told KTBS that the officer in the video did what he was trained to do when Lyons accosted him.

Chief Raymond said he did not believe the officer had used excessive force, but that there would be an internal investigation.

Lyon was booked into the city jail at midnight on Jan. 1 and is facing charges of resisting an officer, public drunkenness, and interfering with a police investigation, KTBS reported.

Watch video of the arrest below:

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Only an absolute moron walks up and starts something like this with the police!


The stupid is strong in this one.


I have to wonder what these idiots feel like when they sober up and see the video of themselves acting like a spoiled toddler, using abusive and vulgar language, challenging the police, then screaming like a little bitch when they get what they worked so hard for. They need to reevaluate their decisions and life choices.

Lady tinou
Lady tinou

God job officer! If the officer had not acted the way he did ... things could of escalated further ans the final could of been ugly. You don’t confront police officers and especially when one is drunk and that the officers are on an investigation. He got what he deserves and I command the officer! He acted swiftly before things got out of hand and with reasonable force. Great police work!


“Hey bro, take this phone and video me. I’m gonna get myself arrested and get paid.”