VIDEO: Drunk Assaults Cop, Gets Hit With Running Start Baton Strike

Robert Jimenez was quickly subdued by Bakersfield police on Tuesday morning.

Bakersfield, CA – A drunken man led Bakersfield police in a foot pursuit across several lanes of traffic on Tuesday, then dodged in front of a bus before he squared off with officers on a nearby sidewalk (video below).

The incident took place near the intersection of Union Avenue and 34th Street at approximately 9 a.m., The Fresno Bee reported.

According to police, officers responded to the area after they received reports that an intoxicated man was jumping in and out of traffic in the area, KBAK reported.

Officers arrived at the scene and confronted 39-year-old Robert Jimenez in the roadway.

At some point, Jimenez assaulted one of the officers and took off on foot.

William Catalan watched the scene unfold from a nearby bus, and captured a portion of the chase with his cell phone.

The video showed Jimenez as he ran towards oncoming traffic with two officers following close behind him.

He then cut in front of the bus, and made his way down the side of it as one officer closed in.

The officer deployed his expandable baton and struck Jimenez, who immediately turned around and squared off with both officers, the video showed.

“You mother--ker!” he yelled, as the second officer grabbed onto his arm and pulled him town to the sidewalk.

The first officer delivered several more strikes to Jimenez’s legs with the baton.

“Stop f--king resisting!” he ordered, just as the bus pulled away.

Jimenez was arrested for suspicion of resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, and public intoxication, The Fresno Bee reported.

The officers were not injured during the altercation.

“In all incidents, including this one, where Bakersfield Police officers use force to [affect] an arrest, there is an administrative review,” the Bakersfield Police Department said in a news release, according to KBAK.

You can watch cell phone footage of the officers’ encounter with Jimenez in the video below:

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The perp deserved that beat down and MORE beat downs. I HATE CROOKS WHO HIT POLICE and get away with it.


Not a big fan of expandables though I have to carry one too. I would much much rather use a PR-24 for actual strikes carrying them not so much.


Or a cocabola


Agree with PR24 comment. Per training I recieved on ASP the officers followed protocol in strikes to soft tissue in order to gain compliance. No strike above the shoulder and not repeated to bony structure


Glad the good guys won! We didn't/don't get paid to lose!