VIDEO: Drug-Fueled 'Zombie' Attacks Cops As They Try To Rescue Him From Wreck

Anthony Wallace mowed down a streetlight and multiple trees before his SUV flipped three times.

Bethany, OK – A snarling, growling car crash victim lunged through a window and attempted to attack police as they were trying to rescue him from his mangled SUV on Thursday (video below).

The incident occurred just after 12 p.m., as convicted felon Anthony Wallace, 36, was traveling westbound on Northwest 39th Street, KWTV reported.

Wallace then drove his Ford Explorer across the center line, and proceeded to mow down a streetlight and multiple trees before the SUV flipped three times.

The vehicle landed on its roof on top of a fire hydrant in front of a Mexican restaurant.

Cell phone footage captured the aftermath of the high-speed crash.

Vehicle debris and articles of clothing were scattered across the roadway, and a crowd quickly gathered around the mangled wreckage of Wallace’s Explorer to check his welfare.

A police officer began calmly communicating with Wallace through the open driver’s side window of the destroyed SUV, and at one point asked him his name, cell phone footage showed.

But the situation quickly escalated when Wallace suddenly lashed out at the officer and his partner, who immediately jumped backwards out of his reach.

One officer drew his Taser as Wallace let out a growl and launched his upper body through the window towards him.

He yelled incomprehensibly again, just as a second officer grabbed his head and shoulders and began pulling him through the open window headfirst, while the initial officer deployed his Taser.

Bystanders yelled at police as the combative felon was Tased and lowered to the ground.

“He’s in shock!” one yelled, in an apparent attempt to justify Wallace’s sudden violent behavior.

“Oh my God – he just got in a friggin’ accident!” another woman shouted in disbelief.

“Did you not see him attacking us?” one of the officers countered.

Wallace screamed and wailed as he was being placed in handcuffs, and began fighting with police while on the ground.

“Y’all f--ked me up!” he hollered.

He was tased yet again, and finally rolled onto his stomach, where he continued to resist the officer’s attempts to handcuff him.

“Y’all pissed me off!” Wallace snarled, hurling expletives at the officers.

A bystander jumped in and held Wallace’s feet as the two officers wrestled him into handcuffs, the video showed.

Wallace called the officers “crackers,” as they explained that they were just trying to help him.

He was eventually loaded onto a gurney and transported to a hospital for treatment.

Police said he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident, KWTV reported.

Wallace was subsequently charged with DUI, assault on a police officer, driving with a revoked license, and obstruction.

He also has an extensive criminal history dating back 15 years, and has served time in prison in the past.

You can watch cell phone footage of the officers’ encounter with Wallace in the video below. The attack happens around the 2:10 mark:

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i'm sure the drugs played no role in the actions of the racist officers.... in fact I'm sure the cops targeted him because of his ethnicity and caused him to crash in the first place!!!! Had they not failed to de-escalate the situation, none of this would have happened /sarcasm


When a Zombie confrontation occurs we need to remember to do the correct math. 1 to the head and 2 to the chest= dead Zombie.


Why do people feel that they have to yell out and try and call out police on what they think they’re doing wrong. I would really like to see those people try and do something productive other than just record. Thinking they’ll catch police in “something they shouldn’t be doing”. When and only when you do the job yourself, all you “video-ers” will soon find out that it’s a lot harder than you think. So in the mean time, if you’re going to video? Then video. Otherwise police don’t need playboy plays on what they’re doing and making loud comments totally twisting the truth to make the person in question, a victim. No one made him crash, thebpolice definitely didn’t, so don’t make police out to be the bad ones when all they did was respond. Idiots.


Dat flakka be some baaad sh*t...



"Bystanders" need to mind their f-ing business and let officers do their jobs.