VIDEO: Driver Manages To Hit Numerous NYPD Cars, Three Cops, Drive Off


An unlicensed driver crashed into patrol vehicles and nearly ran over police and bystanders during a traffic stop.

Manhattan, NY – An erratic driver slammed into patrol cars and nearly ran over police and bystanders on Sunday, after he spun his vehicle in circles and refused to comply with officers during a traffic stop (video below).

The incident began at approximately 3:45 a.m., when an officer spotted an erratic driver, and pulled him over, Spectrum News reported.

The unlicensed driver, 27-year-old George Lopez, refused to open his door or window, and would not exit the vehicle.

Video footage of the scene showed several officers as they stood around Lopez’s vehicle.

“Sir, turn off the car,” at least one officer told him repeatedly, before he reached inside the driver’s side window.

Lopez suddenly began revving the vehicle’s engine, then accelerated forward and crashed into a patrol vehicle.

Tires squealing, the driver slammed his vehicle into reverse, and proceeded to spin in a circle in the roadway.

Officers and pedestrians scrambled out of the way, as Lopez crashed into another vehicle and ripped off a portion of his bumper.

He continued to spin in reverse and collided with the same vehicles as he made his second and third passes.

Finally, with his crumpled bumper dragging on the ground, Lopez turned onto the sidewalk, and sped off with police close behind.

Lopez zoomed along the Henry Hudson Parkway traveling the wrong way, and eventually crashed into a parked car on the Mosholu exit ramp, where he was taken into custody, the New York Daily News reported.

One motorist and three officers were all treated for minor injuries, WPIX reported.

Lopez was also taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries and has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving while impaired by drugs, reckless endangerment, and driving without a license.

You can watch footage of the chaotic scene in the video below:

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I think shooting him would have been the right thing to do. He could have easily killed someone with the way he was driving. Of course since this is the liberal bastion of NYC it's probably against NYPD policy to shoot someone who is attempting to run over people.


Charge him with attempted murder.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Glad no police officers and no bystanders were shot.


Too bad this happened in NYC. Otherwise he would be dead and he should be. We haven't heard the last of him.


Is it true the NYPD only get one bullet and have to carry it in their shirt pocket?