VIDEO: Disturbing Video Shows Corpus Christi Mother Viciously Beat High School Student

A Miller High School parent attacked a female student after a volleyball game.

Corpus Christi, TX - A parent at Miller High School has been arrested for beating up a teenage girl.

Disturbing video of parent Mary Alice Hernandez attacking a student in the high school's courtyard appeared on social media shortly after the fight (video below).

Julie Pinon, the mother of the student who was beaten by Hernandez, last week posted a cellphone video of the attack, sent to her by a witness, on Facebook, in an attempt to identify her daughter’s assailant.

In her Facebook post, Pinon wrote that the woman had assaulted her daughter.

She said that her daughter didn't hit back because she didn't want to disrespect her "since she's an older woman."

Pinon said that her daughter had previously been involved in a fight with Hernandez' daughter just before Hernandez attacked, and that she was "furious" over the attack, according to KZTV10.

The video shows the older woman attacking a younger woman. The young woman doesn’t appear to be fighting back.

There were multiple witnesses to the incident, as evidenced by the catcalls and voices heard in the background. However, nobody appeared to try to intervene and help the student being attacked.

The older woman in the video, identified as Hernandez, can be seen pummeling Pinon's daughter and pulling her hair in the video.

"I guess the mom was mad because my daughter was winning or something,” Pinon said.

The victim, whose name has not been released, was injured but did not go to the hospital.

Her mother said that she had some bruises, areas where her hair had been pulled out, and scrapes on her elbow.

Kirby Warnke, Corpus Christi Independent School District Police Chief, said that officers had been "actively" searched for Hernandez after a warrant was issued on Wednesday, October 18.

Police located and arrested Hernandez, age 34, and charged her with one count of assault causing bodily injury, according to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times .

At her arraignment, Hernandez was placed under $25,000 bond, and remains in custody at the Nueces County Jail.

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