VIDEO: Disabled Vietnam Veteran Fights Carjacker At Texas Gas Station

Allan Huddleston didn't give up his wallet and keys to a carjacker without a fight.

Richland Hills, TX – A 69-year-old disabled Navy veteran suffered a broken leg from attempting to fight off a carjacker who stole his truck and dragged the veteran who clung to the door as the robber escaped. (Video below)

Police say veteran Allan Huddleston was robbed at 6:26 a.m. Jan. 15 at a gas station.

The unidentified carjacker approached the veteran and asked for a cigarette. The carjacker than pushed Huddleston out of the way and got into the driver’s seat of Huddleston’s pickup truck.

Huddleston fought the man inside the vehicle, pulled out the carjacker, and was thrown to the ground. The carjacker got the keys to the vehicle. But the Navy veteran didn’t give up.

Huddleston went right back at the carjacker and struggled with him inside the cab of the truck until the carjacker drove out of the gas station, dragging Huddleston along with him for about 20 feet, according to the Richland Hills Police Department.

The carjacker also got away with Huddleston’s wallet.

After police reviewed the gas station video, they discovered the carjacker had approached numerous other customers at the gas station.

Police have a description of the carjacker from other patrons that were approached but have not been able to identify the suspect as of yet.

Huddleston served in the Vietnam War, according to KDFW-TV.

"He put up a fight,” said Richland Hills Police Captain Sheena McEachran. “And I would expect nothing less from our veterans out there."

Huddleston said the doctor told him he was lucky.

But Huddleston said the carjacker won’t be so lucky, according to KDFW.

“By golly, partner. There's no doubt in my mind you've done this before,” Huddleston said. “And I guarantee it'll catch up to you if you haven't been caught yet. But you will be caught. You're a sorry individual.”

You can see the video of the incident below:

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Sometimes that works very well indeed, but keep in mind many law officers in full colors are killed with their own weapons. One in Texas in particular was shot at a gas station while fueling up. A very determined desperate / insane person could see your firearm as an opportunity. More important than anything these days is to keep your head on a swivel. Armed or not. (Armed preferably.) Certainly the vet would have had a different experience here. Be careful out there LEOs...


I NEVER leave home without it! I carry concealed 90% of the time, however, whenever I gas up, my weapon is visible as a deterrent.
Case in point: I was filling my vehicle at a gas station in Phoenix when four subjects from south of the border approached.
I had been watching them,
and when they saw I was
armed, they did an about-face at a high rate!


lost his wallet, car and keys but received a broken leg. Hard to cheer for me.


Don’t mess with a vet especially a Vietnam Vet


When a stranger apptoaches you, dont help pull out your personal pepper spray....and be prepared to use it.