VIDEO: Department Fires Back After Outrage Over 'Brutality' Video

Akron police officials are defending officers' use of force in a video of them taking a wanted parolee into custody.

Akron, OH – The Akron Police Department is fighting back against allegations of excessive force, after officers were seen delivering body strikes to a wanted parolee who was resisting arrest (video below).

The incident occurred on Sunday, after two Akron police officers conducting a drug investigation stopped Patrick King as he was leaving a residence, Akron Police Major Jesse Leeser told the Akron Beacon Journal.

According to Akron Police Captain Dave Laughlin, the home King was seen leaving is a suspected “drug house,” the paper reported.

As the officers were speaking with King, he provided them with false information regarding his identity and age, Maj. Leeser said.

A female officer began placing King in handcuffs, at which point he started resisting arrest.

“He’s now armed with at least one handcuff,” Maj. Leeser explained. “And he could use that pretty much like a knife. The edges can be sharp.”

The officers tackled the combative man to the ground, where the alteration continued.

The sound of a Taser could be heard in the video as the officers wrestled with King, who kicked his legs and tried to roll onto his back.

“Why’s y’all tasing him?” a woman off-camera yelled out.

“He’s resisting!” an officer responded.

“No he’s not!” the woman argued. “Why is you punchin’ him?”

The person recording the altercation then moved closer to the melee, as a male officer climbed on top of King and pinned him to the ground.

King then reached up towards the face and head of the female officer who was trying to restrain him.

“Stop grabbing me!” the female officer commanded.

The male officer tased King again, but the combative man was able to roll onto his back, knocking the male officer off of him.

“Stop resisting!” the male officer ordered.

“I didn’t do nothing,” King wailed.

“Yeah, what is he doin'?” the female bystander chimed in.

The male officer directed King to roll onto his stomach while the female officer retained her hold on the suspect’s upper body.

“I can’t breathe,” King complained, as he attempted to roll onto his back yet again.

“You’re gonna get it again,” the male officer warned him, while he kept the Taser poised against King’s body.

The officers held King down as two more officers arrived on the scene and quickly pinned the suspect’s lower body to the ground.

When King continued to fight and refused to give officers his hands, one of the officers began repeatedly striking his body with both fists.

“Stop beatin’ him like that!” a woman yelled.

“You cannot punch him!” another woman echoed. “You all’s not allowed to do that!”

Additional officers arrived at the scene and joined in the altercation, as a winded female officer rolled out from beneath the tangle of bodies.

“He ain’t done nothing,” a witness told her.

“Are you f--king kidding? Did you see him fighting us?” the female officer asked in disbelief.

One of the officers still tangling with King then told him to stop reaching.

“He’s not reaching – y'all got his d--n hands!” the off-camera woman yelled. “That’s why people don’t like the cops now. Y’all do all of this.”

Another bystander told the officers that King hadn’t been reaching towards his pockets.

“You all jumped out kicking his a--,” the man said. “He a veteran and all types of s--t.”

The crowd continued to heckle the officers and claimed that their actions illustrated why people are afraid of the police.

“They ain’t even had no probable cause to even stop that man,” another armchair attorney off-camera volunteered. “He wasn’t doin’ nothin’ but walkin'.”

The video was posted to social media a short while later, and quickly went viral, the Akron Beacon Journal reported.

Maj. Leeser told the paper that the officers’ use of force was justified, and that the body strikes were intended to loosen the grip King had on the officers who were trying to subdue him.

“If the fight goes to the ground, the officers’ weapons are accessible,” the major said, adding that the officers had used tactics as they had been trained.

King was arrested for an outstanding parole violation warrant stemming from a burglary conviction. He is also being held on new charges of resisting arrest, tampering with evidence, misrepresenting an identity, drug abuse related to marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

According to WEWS, King was also wanted out of Franklin County for an obstruction of justice offense.

The officers were all wearing bodycams, and the altercation is under investigation, as is protocol for any use of force incident, Maj. Leeser told the Akron Beacon Journal.

King was taken to a hospital after the altercation, WKYC reported.

None of the officers involved in the incident have been placed on leave.

You can watch the officers’ encounter with King in the video below:

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The photographer didn’t see why the police stopped this man, they were either blind or ignored the suspected drug house in their neighborhood. So they see the police on him after he leaves the suspected drug house and of course he is innocent because he resisted the police, which they didn’t see or record. The police were not convicting him either. They stopped him, got falsified information, they went to arrest him and he resisted. And they did their job. The police will let the courts do their job on an arrested felon. The neighbors should be sympathetic to the police, look how many officers it took to hold him down! I would believe he was intoxicated on something.


That girl that kept saying "you ain't allowed to do that" etc..... Absolutely kill me what the hell does she know about what they are or are not allowed to do!!!! Those were punches to the soft areas where they are TRAINED to hit in just that kind of situation. Great job to all the Officer's involved. 👏👏👏💙


Another contender for the ghetto lottery. Need i say more ?


The subject is obviously high on something, feeling no pain with super strength (PCP comes to mind). When "they" took away the various neck restraints, they took away the only real effective tool to restrain these types. When cops roll around and try and restrain these resisting subjects, the cops get hurt-- back injuries, shoulder injuries, neck injuries, etc. Glad I'm retired.


It is simply amazing the "racially-distorted view" that some people have. Everything is about race because they make it that way. Had it been a white guy who the cops were fighting with probably not a word would have been said and they would simply would have gone on about their own ways. But because his skin was black, the rules were all changed to verbally defend the man who was acting unlawfully. While in the minds of some people present this was an "International Affair of Global Proportions," to the cops it was just another day of dealing with stupid people.


2 years later and they are still living SCUMBAMMAS dream


Am I the only one who cringed at the grammar abuses? "Why is you" and "he didn't do nothing" and "why's you's all". Ugh. I'm not surprised at the scenario of people say cops are wrong and then the real story comes out but I am amazed by this.


Well, we all know what the homies were looking for, payday from the city. Good thing that they can't count, most I saw was 8 not 14 Officers. Needed to get names and addresses as well as witness statements. Want to see a bunch of illiterate scribbling, that would be it. That is if any of they would do a statement or even provide the information.


the only thing wrong is the grammar that these people were using


They should have just shot the scumbag.


At what point do these fools understand that if you don't resist, you don't have any force applied other than clicking the handcuffs. You go to jail, you argue your case in front of a judge/jury, and no one has to get hurt. Trying your case on the street only costs you more money in court and at the hospital dummies. But if you want to resist, you will be treated appropriately. End of discussion. And Mr Dope Dealer, WTF cares if you have a camera on your house? That just makes you a target!


"I can't breathe!"