VIDEO: DC PRIDE Revelers Vandalize Police Car While Twerking On It

A group of women jumped all over a DC police cruiser as they twerked during a PRIDE event on Sunday.

Washington, DC – A group of women celebrated DC Pride on Sunday with an unusual display of vandalism when they jumped onto a police car and twerked (video below).

The video, which quickly went viral after it was shared on social media, showed a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) squad car trapped in the midst of people celebrating DC PRIDE.

The video showed women climbing onto the hood of the police car as another woman in black shorts straddled the roof and windshield and shook her rear end.

In the video, there is an officer standing next to the car who appeared to tell some of the women to get down from the hood of it; however, none of the audio can be heard because of all the screaming and honking in the background.

A woman in denim shorts ran up to the side of the police vehicle, about two feet away from the uniformed officer, and began twerking, the video showed.

Meanwhile, the woman in black shorts on the roof was down in the splits, bouncing on top of the police car.

The video showed at least three more women climbed on to the back of the police car to begin shaking their rear ends.

A woman in a bikini top and cargo pants jumped onto the roof of the car with the other woman and began twerking, before she too dropped down into the splits and began bouncing, the video showed.

In the meantime, two other women gained purchase on the trunk of the car.

One bent over the rear windshield and held onto the roof while she shook her butt in the air. A second woman cozied up against her from behind to twerk in unison, the video showed.

The officer never appeared aggressive or angry during the video.

In fact, it appeared that he had given up and realized all he could do was stand back and watch the vandalism occur as he was alone and surrounded by hundreds of PRIDE revelers.

The twerking on the police car on June 9 was a far cry from the vibe of the previous day’s PRIDE celebration when a man with a BB gun set off a panicked stampede in the crowd.

At about 7:20 p.m. on Saturday, officers responded to a report of a man with a gun in Dupont Circle, WTOP reported.

As officers ran toward the Dupont Memorial Fountain where the gunman was reportedly seen, they passed thousands of screaming partygoers who were pushing and shoving to escape the area.

“As the officers were going to that scene there was a crowd of people running away from it,” MPD Commander Guillermo Rivera told Reuters. “Some of the individuals in the crowd said that there was a man with a gun and that someone had fired shots.”

Police located the gunman on the south side of Dupont Circle, and spotted a gun inside the suspect’s open bag, WTOP reported.

The suspect told police that his weapon was only a BB gun and that he had pointed it at someone who had been striking his significant other.

Police took the gunman into custody but he wasn’t deterred from his mission by the handcuffs, according to WTOP.

The arrest report said that the man shouted “I’ll be back. I’ll shoot that mother--ker” as he was being arrested.

Seven people were transported to area hospitals for treatment of injuries after the melee, WTOP reported.

Numerous other people were treated by D.C. Fire and EMS for more minor injuries at the scene.

Police found no evidence that a weapon had actually been fired, according to Reuters.

You can see the revelers on the police car in the video below:

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DC Pride 🤣 Pride for what??? Have you seen that shit-hole city? A bunch of Flakey Drunk Politicians kissing Ugly Babies...


my, my how classy.....and they are so proud of these behaviors. Shows just how F'd up a planet they come from as it sure isn't earth.


Welcome to the USA.


I was in DC for another event during this and let me tell you those people were crazy!!!!!


Try outs for the upcoming strip club competition.