VIDEO: Dallas Cowboys Player Arrested For Over 58 Grams Of Weed, Avoids DWI

Tom Gantert

NFL player Antwaun Woods was arrested after police stopped him for speeding with more than two ounces of pot in his car.

Frisco, TX – A second Dallas Cowboy starter has been arrested for possession of marijuana in less than two months (video below).

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Antwaun Woods was arrested during a traffic stop on Tuesday, ESPN reported.

The incident began when police initiated a traffic stop for speeding.

Woods was driving 77 mph in a 60 mph zone when he was stopped, according to TMZ.

The officer who pulled over the 26-year-old Woods smelled marijuana and said that the driver’s eyes looked glassy and he seemed out of it, ESPN reported.

When the officer asked the National Football League (NFL) player if he had marijuana in his car, the Cowboy answered honestly, TMZ reported.

Woods told the officer that he had a whole lot of marijuana in his vehicle, ESPN reported.

Police said the football player had a backpack that contained two mason jars full of marijuana and a small gold cylinder with marijuana in it, according to TMZ.

“Multiple pieces of drug paraphernalia” were found during the search of the vehicle, ESPN reported.

During his search of the SUV, the police officer also noticed a half-empty water bottle with a marijuana joint floating in it and asked Woods about it.

Woods admitted that he was smoking the joint when the officer began to pull him over and said he put the joint in the water bottle in an attempt to “get rid of potential evidence,” TMZ reported.

Police said that, in total, officers recovered 2.07 ounces of marijuana from the football player’s car.

Woods was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, as well as tampering with evidence for trying to drown the joint, ESPN reported.

The bodycam videos of the stop and arrest showed that Wood was polite and respectful to the officers.

“So listen, you’ve got too much marijuana, ok? So just put your hands behind your back and you’ll be placed under arrest,” the officer told Woods and then put the big man in handcuffs without incident.

Woods asked the officer if he could help him out but that didn’t go in his favor, the video showed.

“I have no choice. You’ve got a lot,” the officer said. “I can’t do anything about that.”

Woods was the second Dallas Cowboy to be arrested for marijuana possession in less than two months.

Defensive tackle Daniel Ross was arrested in early November on drug and gun charges after police stopped him because he could hear music more than 30 feet away from Ross’s car and because he was “coasting,” or driving with the car in neutral.

Ross claimed that he had forgotten that the gun and drugs were in the car because they’d had them to go to the gun range the night before.

He is facing charges for possession of marijuana and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

Woods has been out injured most of this football season, ESPN reported.

He was not scheduled to play against the Chicago Bears on Thursday because of a sprained knee, according to ESPN.

Woods has played four seasons in the NFL and earned $2.6 million over his career.

He will make $570,000 in 2019 playing for the Cowboys, ESPN reported.

Woods started in eight games this season before he was injured.

The defensive tackle has 15 tackles to his credit this season but hasn’t made a sack, ESPN reported.

Woods was a star player at University of Southern California from 2012 to 2015 but was not drafted.

Watch video of the football player’s arrest below:

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Cop Watch

if you want the DWI, have at it. speeding, go for it! the rest of the BS charges, go fuck yourself!

another big bad criminal off the streets! boy do i feel safer now! all for what? a little weed, you fucks make me sick! and the big WOW charge "tampering with evidence". the DA wont touch that one! so if this is one of those big bad criminals you copsuckers claim to protect us from, then you fucks are the problem!

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You are dumb dude....Weed is still illegal in the federal side...It still a schedule 1 narcotic! Now i dont really fucking care about weed smokers but do that shit at home...dont drive! He put himself in this position....There is a standard in how much weed you can have legally as recreational....stick to that...and you will be fine. Police just doing their job!


IQ 13.4 🙄


Jerry Jones is having a fit


Even in Pa, medicinal Mary Jane max is 49 grams. Should’ve only had one jar in the car, lol. Plus, when did people start using mason jars??? Canned goods and moonshine should only be in those....smh!


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