VIDEO: Crack-Fueled Attacker Rams Unsuspecting Officers At Gas Station

Lori Relf claimed that she was a kidnapping victim, and that she only crashed into the officers to get their attention.

Phoenix, AZ – A drug-fueled attacker intentionally slammed her vehicle into a group of unsuspecting Phoenix police officers outside a gas station, according to police (video below).

The incident occurred outside a QT gas station near Baseline Road and 16th Street on June 4, KTVK reported.

Security footage showed two Phoenix patrol SUVs parked in the lot parallel one another.

One officer was standing between the vehicles as he spoke to two officers seated inside one of the patrol units, police said.

Meanwhile, 56-year-old Lori Relf and two male passengers pulled away from a nearby gas pump in Relf’s red 2011 Kia Soul, KTVK reported.

Relf then inexplicably accelerated across the parking lot, aimed her vehicle towards the parked patrol SUVs, and slammed into one of them, video footage showed.

The force of the collision pushed one of the patrol units, turning it a full 90 degrees until it came to a rest in a position perpendicular to the other patrol SUV.

Relf continued on past the police vehicles, and drove up over a nearby landscaped median.

One of her male passengers jumped out of a rear passenger-side door, while the other dove headfirst out the front passenger window.

Relf again stomped on the accelerator, and nearly ran over one of the male passengers as she sped off across another landscaped median.

The crash left one of the officers with a broken nose, and another suffered a laceration to his head.

Relf was later apprehended and arrested on charges of criminal damage, aggravated assault against an officer, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, KTVK reported.

She claimed she had smoked crack approximately two hours before the collision, and told police that she “purposely drove her car into the officers to gain their attention because she was being held against her will by the two male passengers,” according to arrest documents.

The male passengers in her vehicle denied having held Relf against her will, and one of them admitted that they all had been “smoking crack cocaine for approximately two days,” as well as just prior to the crash, police said.

Security footage showed Relf inside the store alone, and police noted that she had “plenty of time…to exit the store and notify the police officers” outside in the parking lot if she was truly being held against her will, according to arrest documents.

“The video even shows one of the men buying Relf a drink,” police noted.

Relf’s bond has been set at $25,000.

You can watch footage of the harrowing attack on the officers in the video below:

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Mig Alley

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Mig Alley

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Those KIA Soul Hamsters have always been a real handful right from the get go. What a bunch of animals !!


Hey @keeppolicehonest where was that wailing woman maybe she could have stood in the way of that unarmed Kia Soul and prevented this.


Welcome to the USA 🤣 Crackheads and drug addicts from the street rats to the police. Not a respectable country. It was formed as a misfit country by the founders who murdered Native Americans to steal land. The USA is a Global Terrorist Government with their War Profiteering. So, who cares...