VIDEO: Cops Take Down Man With Knife In NYPD Precinct

NYPD officers safely took down a suicidal, knife-wielding man who showed up at a Brooklyn precinct trying to get shot.

Brooklyn, NY – A man who was trying to commit suicide-by-cop walked into a New York Police Department (NYPD) Brooklyn precinct on Sunday morning with a knife and asked officers to shoot him (video below).

The incident began just after 8:30 a.m. on July 28 when a man walked into the police station lobby carrying a knife, according to the New York Post.

Surveillance video from the station house showed the 26-year-old man was spotted by an officer as he came through the doors of the precinct.

The officer, seeing the threat in the man’s hand, quickly backed away from him, the video showed.

A citizen who was sitting in a chair along the wall also got up and moved away, urging the woman next to him to do the same.

The knife-wielding man stood there calmly for about 30 seconds, casually swinging the arm that held the knife, the video showed.

Then the video showed several officers appeared to be walking by and became aware of the armed threat in the lobby.

The officers drew a combination of duty weapons and less-lethal Tasers and encircled the emotionally-disturbed man, the video showed.

“The government is f--king me… I want you to shoot me,” the man told the officer in Spanish, the New York Post reported.

An officer deployed a Taser and the man dropped to the ground, the video showed.

"The male was ordered to drop the knife, but he refused," NYPD Detective Martin Brown Lee told USA Today. "Officers isolated the man within the lobby and deployed their conducted energy devices, striking the individual, and took him into custody."

As he was hit with the charge, the man dropped his knife to the ground. Once he was down on the ground, an officer kicked the weapon away from him.

Sources told the New York Post that the man was upset the officers hadn’t shot him with a gun.

“Why didn’t you shoot me?… I’m too chicken to kill myself,” he told them after he had been Tased.

NYPD took the man into custody and then he was transported to a nearby Brookdale Hospital for treatment, the New York Post reported.

Police said the man, who suffers from bipolar disorder, will not be charged for the incident.

"Cops face split second, life & death decisions every day," NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan tweeted Sunday. "When an emotionally disturbed man holding a long knife walked into the (75th precinct) — and asked to be shot — these cops reacted quickly. Though prepared for the worst, they delivered a safe outcome for everyone. Well done!"

Watch the incident unfold in the video below:

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I will never understand these "suicide by cop" idiots. Robin Williams did it right. I know that from my wrestling days. We used to knock each other out using sleeper holds. Hanging yourself is painless. You are unconscious before you run out of oxygen.


Those officers did an excellent job of preserving life. Hats off to those brave men.


LOVE me some Taser, hits them where it hurts. LOL


Great job Officers. Stay safe, keep up the good work.


Preserving Life is always the objective of our men and women in Blue. This was by the book and helped a fellow human being in distress! I’d say that made it a good day!