VIDEO: Cops Find Homemade Grenade In Backpack, Act Unconcerned About Handling It

Holly Matkin

Oklahoma City police located a live grenade inside a suspect's backpack on Aug. 27.

Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma City police located a live grenade inside a suspect’s backpack during a bicycle stop, bodycam footage showed (video below).

The startling discovery occurred just before 9 p.m. on Aug. 27, after officers stopped a man on a bike near South Pennsylvania Avenue and Southwest Binkley Street for not having any lights on, KOCO reported.

A second male was walking with the bicyclist, police said.

Bodycam footage showed an officer as he searched through a backpack belonging to one of the suspects.

The officer pulled out a white, cylindrical object with the word “thermite” handwritten on the bottom.

“What’s this?” he asked the suspects, who claimed to have no idea where the homemade device came from.

The officer placed the suspected grenade on a nearby brick pillar and alerted his partner.

“What is that?” his partner asked, as the suspects continued to deny knowing what the object was.

Officers also located an airsoft gun, a pipe, and syringes inside the bag.

A bomb squad was dispatched to the area to handle the explosive device, KOCO reported.

After both suspects were arrested, one finally admitted that he purchased the grenade from a man at an apartment complex, police said.

The suspect said he planned to buy a second device from the same supplier, KOCO reported.

Officers and members of the bomb squad later searched a residence at the Jeanette Apartments, but it is unclear what they may have found inside, KOCO reported.

"There was a policeman with a rifle out leaning over a car, pointing in a direction of the apartments," resident Cheryl Hutcheson told the news outlet. “It’s frightening being this close to something like that.”

You can watch bodycam footage showing the moment police discovered the grenade in the video below:

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Thermite is used to weld railroad track together. It burns very hot and bright.

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“...who claimed to have no idea where the homemade device came from...”

Oh well, carry on then. If that level of brilliant evasion works on your Mom when she finds your girly magazines; then who am I to question your integrity whilst in possession of thermite?


Thermite is actually easy to make. Not something to mess with though.


You can tell these Officers were never in the military. First thing I would do is call for the Demo-team. this could be worse then expected.

Chief Deputy
Chief Deputy

These young whipper snappers, and department, needs to have some ATF explosive training ASAP. shaking unknown containers like that could cause a lot of damage and deaths. CHIEF, GET THEM SOME TRAINING


Don't feed the troll Hi_estComnDenomn. Why respond to his ignorant and juvenile statements. He just does it to piss you off.