VIDEO: Cops Fatally Shoot Man Holding Ex-Wife, Son Hostage

Louisville police fatally shot Anthony Wayne French after he pointed a gun at them from his doorway.

Louisville, KY – Officers fatally shot a man who was holding his ex-wife and adult son hostage in their home, and then greeted officers at the front door with a semiautomatic pistol (video below).

Police responded to a 911 call for a domestic incident in the 2600-block of Greenwood Avenue at about 9:30 p.m. on Aug. 13, WAVE reported.

Louisville Metropolitan Police Chief Steve Conrad said that the first officers on the scene encountered 49-year-old Anthony Wayne French, standing in the doorway holding a gun in the air in his right hand.

Bodycam video showed Louisville Metropolitan Police Officers Lenart Elzy and Carlyn Alexander arrived on the scene to find the front door of the house open.

As officers approached the front steps, French appeared in the open doorway and announced that he had a gun.

“I have a gun,” he said. And then he said “back up” and pointed the gun at the officer closest to him, bodycam video showed.

Both officers opened fire on French immediately and he fell to the ground.

The video showed the officers found and retrieved his weapon from where it landed on the floor between French’s legs.

When Officers Elzy and Alexander entered the home, they discovered that the man had been holding his ex-wife and son captive inside, WAVE reported.

Both told police that French was drinking and had been beating them.

French’s son told WAVE that he was glad police arrived because he thought his father was going to kill them.

He said his parents had been arguing about a bill and that his father had pistol-whipped both of them.

They spent hours being stitched up and treated for other injuries at University of Louisville Hospital, WAVE reported.

Court records showed that French had spent the bulk of his adult life incarcerated.

His record showed multiple arrests for assault, drugs, public intoxication, and DUI, WAVE reported.

French was also arrested in 2003 after police found him with a “large quantity” of kiddie porn.

Officers Elzy and Alexander, who both joined the Louisville police in 2017, have been placed on administrative leave while an investigation by their department’s Public Integrity Unit is completed, as is protocol for officer-involved shootings, WAVE reported.

Watch how quickly the incident unfolded in the video below:

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Aren't we supposed to demonstrate on the streets for the murder of this man now? He dindo nuffin.


HCD/BURGERS, any comments? This was a white guy who pointed at officers. Just wondering if the officers did anything wrong with him or if this shooting was aOK?


Reduced the Peckerwood population by ONE..and now the family is a little safer and the county SAVED millions. Edit or delete this

Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp

I bet he never tries that again.

LEO Mike
LEO Mike

You know you’ve always been an asshole, when the police shoot your ass down, the last thing you hear, is your adult son saying “Thank Fucking God”