VIDEO: Cops Face Backlash After McDonald's Asks Homeless Man To Leave

Police are facing backlash after a video went viral showing a man screaming at an officer.

Myrtle Beach, SC – A Myrtle Beach police officer was blasted on social media on Wednesday, after she asked a homeless man and a customer to leave a McDonald’s restaurant as requested by management (video below.)

The customer, Yossi Gallo, posted a video of the incident to Facebook, which has since gone viral.

According to the Myrtle Beach Police Department, an unnamed homeless man had already been warned to leave the McDonald’s property, after he was allegedly panhandling and harassing customers in the restaraunt, The Sun News reported.

Sometime later, Gallo arrived at the restaurant, and noticed the man in the parking lot. He then invited him to come inside with him, and purchased the man some food, Gallo said in the video.

“Officers were dispatched to the location after receiving a call from an employee of the business, that a male was in the parking lot asking people for money,” MBPD Captain Joey Crosby told The Sun News. “Upon arriving at the restaurant, an employee approached the officer and indicated the male was inside the establishment.”

The employee asked the responding officer, PFC Assia Sououd, to issue a trespass warning to the man, and to remove him from the restaurant, Capt. Crosby said.

The video showed PFC Sououd as she spoke with the alleged panhandler, who was seated by himself.

“Ma’am, he didn’t ask me for money,” Gallo said from a nearby table. “... He didn’t even ask me for food! I brought him from outside.”

“Okay, it’s not just you,” PFC Sououd told him, as she returned to her conversation with the man and calmly explained why he was being asked to leave.

“By the way, you guys suck,” Gallo turned and yelled at the employees. “He didn’t even ask me for food.”

“You guys suck!” he began yelling repeatedly.

“Sir, you’re being disorderly,” an employee told Gallo, as his voice became louder.

“Okay, we’re here, because apparently, he’s asked multiple people,” PFC Sououd tried to explain to Gallo. “Multiple people have complained, so it’s not just you, okay? If management is asking you to quiet down, quiet down.”

Gallo resumed his argument with the employee.

“I understand your compassion for others. I do,” the employee told him. “But you do not have to raise your voice that way.”

PFC Sououd continued to speak with the homeless man as she allowed him to eat his meal.

“Crazy mother f*****s,” Gallo muttered in the video.

An employee eventually asked PFC Sououd to have Gallo leave the restaurant, as well, which prompted Gallo to begin arguing with the officer over whether or not he could get a refund.

She calmly suggested that Gallo get the employees name, and told him he would have to contact management regarding a refund.

“I’m getting kicked out of here because I gave a homeless guy food,” Gallo began telling other patrons, before he started to demand that another receipt of his purchase be printed out.

An employee tried to explain to him that he was actually being kicked out because of his disorderly antics, but Gallo continued to argue.

Another employee eventually brought Gallo his receipt, which he had left on his food tray, and he was escorted out of the business.

He then invited the man to get into his vehicle, so they could go eat elsewhere.

The store’s owner, Joel Pellicci Jr., subsequently issued a statement regarding the incident.

“At my restaurant, the goal is to provide our customers with a positive and welcoming experience each time they visit,” Pellicci told The Sun News. “Unfortunately, the individual in this video has a history of disruptive behavior and has been asked to leave by management and police on several occasions.”

As news of the video spread, Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune showed her support for PFC Sououd and the MPD on Thursday.

"It makes me very sad that we live in a society where a business owner is trying to protect his staff and his customers and our police department are trying to do what’s best when a business owner calls them,” Bethune told The Sun News. “That people can turn that around to such hatred to the point of making threats and just going above and beyond what a normal reaction to a situation like this should be.”

The mayor noted that the real focus should be finding ways to help the homeless population – a task that she said the MPD strives to carry out every day.

“I think it’s very sad that it’s come to this,” Bethune said. “It does hurt Myrtle Beach, it hurts the image of our police department...I feel they do an incredible job and I know they work as hard as they can in situations like this to be human and to treat people just with a lot of respect and dignity."

Bethune, who viewed bodycam footage of the incident, commended PFC Sououd for her interactions with the alleged panhandler and with Gallo.

"She handled herself by following proper protocol, but not only following it, I feel that she exceeded it,” Bethune said. “She communicated with this particular gentleman in a very kind and empathetic manner and I felt that she did her job in a very professional way.”

The mayor noted that Gallo’s outburst caused the situation to get “out of hand,” but that the officer handled him appropriately, as well.

Bethune said that the city has been flooded with phone calls since the video went viral, but declined to elaborate on the nature of the calls.

"I think it’s important for people not to just overreact to what they first see and hear, but to really get the facts of the matter," she said.

Blue Lives Matter's Editor-in-Chief explained that this was a pretty simple situation, "Somebody who has been repeatedly told to stay off of private property doesn't gain the right to come back because some random person invited them to."

You can watch PFC Sououd's interaction with the men in the video below:

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She is not the Law just stop it with that rhetoric, its people like you who enable them and give them confidence to abuse their power because you act like a submissive peasant. She is not the law nor this idea of an "extension thereof" . By your definition of her being " Extension thereof" then technically we all are. She couldve left that snarky comment out " Im the law not civil court" thats basically saying I dont care about anyone im here to assert myself and stick my chest out. Sounds like protecting and serving ? I dont think so . Just stop it. the Whole situation was inhumane and that Mcdonalds will take a major L and the homeless man will go eat somewhere else with the man who both probably got followed and scouted by that cop wherever they went to next.


The whole thing wolfraven she is sworn to protect and serve yes she is sworn to uphold the laws by enforcing them. this in turn make her the long arm of the law she is the external extension thereof and true she may arrest you you may get off by the judge but she is the first point of when you come in contact with the law whether a case like this of a simple traffic ticket or drunk and disorderly. She or he will be the first point of contact hence I guess so many sayings such as long arm of the law a brush with the law etc. neither meant you went to court nor that you had a lawyer at any point thereof


She did far better than I would have done. I have no problem with her saying she is the law as she is an extension thereof. It appears we have a real lack of respect for everyone these days Yes it is true homeless need food and if it is bought for them then please understand they may have been called on because or loitering trespass or panhandling if that is the case and you want to buy them food respect the store owner and take it out not stay on the premises as it just makes the situation worse than it truly is. Again it is respect that wins the day on both sides and the fact the homeless guy and the cop even the employees showed it but the customer did not. Not all homeless or panhandlers are safe incidents happen to customers when they aren't which is why they have these policies not to be mean also it is customers that complain as well about them being there as it makes it unsafe or appear to be unsafe. You don't know what the past is between the store and this individual.


The problem I have her is when the officer tells the guy "she is the law" WRONG. Her job is to protect and serve. Yes this means she has to uphold the laws on the books. She is not a lawyer or judge, she does not make the laws. Don't get me wrong I support police 100% but statements like that is what make officers look bad.