VIDEO: Cop Fights With Suspect As Men Hang Back And Record Instead Of Helping

Bystanders chose to record an officer in a fight instead of helping him.

Alexandria, VA - Surveillance video captured an officer's fight with a suspect as bystanders chose to record rather than help (video below).

The incident happened at around 3 p.m. Friday in the 8200 block of Russel Road, according to Fairfax County PD.

The unidentified officer contacted a man who smelled of marijuana, which gave him reasonable suspicion to detain the man. The officer subsequently asked him to stop.

The man, later identified as 23-year-old Dadrian Jegede, walked away from the officer instead of stopping. As the officer tried to stop him, the suspect pushed the officer and tried to escape.

A struggle ensued, which moved in front of the security camera where the officer could be seen fighting with the suspect for over a minute before backup arrived.

While the officer was fighting the suspect, numerous men came by who all chose to watch or record the struggle instead of helping the officer.

With the help of the second officer, Jegede was taken into custody. He is being charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute (dealing drugs).

Jegede was also served with an outstanding arrest warrant out of Prince William County.

Along with the release of the video, Chief Roessler issued a statement saying, "Law enforcement is a rewarding profession but it can be very dangerous at times. Officers often put themselves in harm’s way to protect our community. When we encounter someone who resists a lawful arrest and attacks us, we are concerned for the sanctity of all human life. As a matter of transparency we provide this video to demonstrate the dangers of our profession. My officers were professional at all times to overcome a violent criminal and I stand behind their actions.”

You can see the video of the struggle below:

Obviously the driver had a reason to run and I hope it comes out at the trial.He had time to get rid of that evidence however and that's why he turned himself in later.

Patti Flynn Allen, this is your neck of the woods...

Perhaps, I'm wrong. I always have the perception that the police don't want a "citizen" to assist. In this incident, had I been there, I would probably taken the flash light or some hard object to knock out the guy fighting with the officer. I also would have stayed with him or her to assist should others attack the officer until back up arrived on the scene.


@LetMeAssist One day when I was off duty I saw an officer struggling to make an arrest. I got out my car, identified myself to the officer and asked if he needed assistance. I didn't want him to think I was with the guy he was trying to arrest. Anyway, the officer said yes and I helped him secure the guy in cuffs. Just let them know before jumping in.

This is a major problem with the only solution is to jump in and assist the LEO. Since the invention of the camera-phone I never in my 60 years of life seen so many azzes that would rather film a clip than to help the law. COWARDS, all of them.