VIDEO: Cop Breaks Up Fight By Blindsiding Suspect With Epic Tackle

A fistfight between two men at Canal Fest on Wednesday led to capture of a fugitive from Georgia.

Tonawanda, NY – A bystander captured video of a cop tackling a suspect to immediately end a fight at a New York festival on Wednesday (video below).

Tonawanda Police Captain Fredric Foels said that officers broke up a fight at Canal Fest between 35-year-old Shawn L. Tukey of Davie, Florida, and 25-year-old Ronnie O. Hall Jr. of Cambridge, Ohio, the Buffalo News reported.

The video showed the officer launching himself at the suspect, taking him by surprise.

Then the officer put handcuffs on the man as he held him to the ground.

On the right side of the screen, the video showed another police officer putting handcuffs on a second suspect.

The officer helped the first suspect to his feet and then marched him away from the area as the other officer finished securing the handcuffs on the second suspect, the video showed.

Both men were arrested on disorderly conduct charges, the Buffalo News reported.

But when officers were processing the men afterwards, they learned that Tukey was on probation and fugitive from Georgia.

Tukey was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant for illegal possession of a gun from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, the Buffalo News reported.

WIVB reported that the man had been at-large since May of 2018.

Georgia authorities confirmed the warrant and told New York law enforcement that they wanted to extradite Tukey back to Clayton County.

Tukey was taken into custody pending an extradition hearing scheduled for Friday, according to the Buffalo News.

Watch a clip of the men’s arrests in the video below:

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Nice job...but, I'm sure he'll be sued by the perp, the ACLU, Al Sharpton, etc., etc. for excessive force.


Waiting for the claims of police brutality, failure to properly de-escalate the situation, racial profiling, and failure to maintain Turkey's right to privacy by letting Clayton Co Sheriff's office that he was in custody....

Then the lawsuit for all of the above police officer violations, as well as the call for the officer to be terminated, since the men were just blowing off steam and now are unable to make money

Bob H
Bob H

Nice form. Call the Jets!

K-9 319
K-9 319

And that right there is how it's done.


did you catch the commentary? from the "Monday Morning Quarterback Video " Squad? " 1-why did they tackle him? 2- Because he was Black"

Sure, of course a hole ......but maybe ,just maybe because he was out of control , lawless and fighting in public and that had nothing to do with it ,eh? In their primate simpleton minds the only thing they can see or comprehend is "that he was black" as all the rest mentioned is normal acceptable behaviors to them.