VIDEO: Claims Of Brutality After Student Attacks Officer, Gets Painful Whooping

Video surfaced after officers were attacked by unruly students at a high school in Kentucky.

Nov 2, 2017

Louisville, Kentucky – A high school student launched an attack on a police officer and learned the hard way that police fight to win.

An edited video only shows the police response, which has led to claims of police brutality.

However, the video was specifically edited to remove parts which show the officer being attacked.

At 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, a school resource officer at Jeffersontown High School intervened in an altercation between two students who were fighting over a pair of headphones.

The officer requested assistance from Jeffersontown Police after one of the students “tried to attack the officer,” explains Jeffersontown County Public Schools spokeswoman Allison Martin via the Courier Journal.

As an officer removed the student from the school building, the student’s brother and several other students attacked a Jeffersontown police officer.

Jeffersontown Police Chief Ken Hatmaker said that the brother struck an officer in the head before tackling him into a wall.

A third officer deployed his taser in order to stop the attack.

Chief Hatmaker has viewed two videos of the attack, according to WDRB.

One video, which is currently online, has clearly been edited. Chief Hatmaker explains that the second unedited video includes footage of the attack on the officer.

“I saw my officer attacked, hit in the head,” Chief Hatmaker said.

He also noted that the officers were outnumbered by the students.

“I want the whole story out there,” Chief Hatmaker said. “This was a quick and appropriate response by police to gain control of the situation.”

Jeffersontown High School Principal Matt Kingsley addressed the incident in a letter sent to parents and guardians on Wednesday.

In addition to explaining the incident, Kingsley advised parents that he is reviewing school security footage in order to identify which students were involved and that “those students will be disciplined to the fullest extent our policies will allow.”

Wave 3 News reports that two juveniles have been arrested. The student who attacked the officer is facing felony charges for the assault.

You can see the video of the incident below:

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whomever edited the film should in fact be charged with Destruction of Evidence and Hindering an Investigation. Both offenses being felony offenses, this should get the culprit out of classes for a bit.


I see this everyday where I work. Violence among students will continue to escalate if students and their parents are not held accountable for their actions. The Obama administration created an environment that allows this type of behavior with little consequences. As we try to save them all as educators, more and more students are attacking teachers, cursing them out, and wasting their lives and tax payer money. Time to get strict with student behavior before our country will be lost for good. Bring back the paddle, and kick those students who refuse to do anything, accept cause trouble; OUT. Send them out to get a job and make sure they keep it. Put the parents that cannot control themselves in jail. It is time that normal people are able to go to school without fear and knowing that they will be able to learn.


Its like the kids watching are trying to incite a riot by screaming and yelling! That just makes matters worse and turns things into a mob mentality. And the cops were definitely outnumbered. Could have had a really bad outcome.


Momma and Daddy much be so proud. If the kid acts up like this in school with police and teachers I can only imagine what goes on at home and the disrespect that goes on there.


Nicely done Gents. Controlled a bad situation and go on every more thug off the streets for at least a little while