VIDEO: Citizen Opens Fire On Suspect Fleeing From Cop

A citizen stopped to assist a Parma police officer and ended up shooting at the suspect who rammed his vehicle.

Parma, OH – A citizen opened fire on a fleeing suspect after the man almost ran over a police officer on Tuesday night (video below).

Parma police said the incident began when a Parma police officer stopped 22-year-old Shon Burton at the Snowville Shopping Center after he was observed driving erratically and running a red light, WOIO reported.

Dashcam video showed the officer stopping Burton just inside the parking lot, but Burton didn’t stop immediately.

The video showed Burton appeared to be stopping and put both his hands in the air through the window.

A passerby in a black Jeep Wrangler saw the officer trying to stop the silver sedan and took it upon himself to assist.

The video showed he pulled his Jeep in front of the suspect vehicle to block him from fleeing as Burton stopped.

“Shut it off, shut it off!” the officer commanded as he approached Burton’s vehicle.

But Burton accelerated and slammed his car into the Jeep, and then backed up so he could turn and flee, the video showed.

The officer tried to reach into Burton’s vehicle, but was unsuccessful at stopping the fleeing driver.

That’s when the Good Samaritan pulled out his own handgun and opened fire on Burton’s vehicle, the video showed.

He fired four rounds.

The video showed the officer was startled when the citizen with a concealed-carry permit began shooting, but he stepped back and away from the line of fire quickly in response.

After Burton had made good his escape, the officer turned to the citizen and told him to stay where he was.

“Dude, stay right there,” the officer told the driver of the Jeep.

The man had already set down his weapon and held his hands up in the air in response, the video showed.

“Just stay there,” the officer told the Good Samaritan again, after he’d radioed for backup and started to go after Burton. “Stay right there.”

The K9 officer pursed Burton and lost sight of him several times, the dashcam showed.

But then Burton crashed into another vehicle at Brookpark and Tiedeman Roads, and witnesses to that wreck pointed the officer in the direction the car had fled.

The officer found Burton in his wrecked sedan parked at a Sam’s Club less than a block away.

“Get on the ground!” the officer yelled. “You’re gonna get bit! Get on the ground!”

The video showed the suspect ran from the vehicle, across the busy street, and the officer pursued him and cut him off.

Burton dove face-first into the snow as he reached the other side of the road.

The officer jumped out of his police vehicle, and took him into custody.

Officers found a loaded, sawed-off shotgun in the area near where Burton crashed, WOIO reported.

Police said the gun had been reported stolen from Kentucky.

WOIO reported that police said Burton had been involved in a domestic dispute involving guns before the incident in Parma.

He was arrested and charged with one count of felonious assault and one count of failure to comply with a police order, according to WOIO.

Parma Municipal Court Judge Ken Spanagel set Burton’s bond on Thursday at $15,000 cash.

The citizen who shot at Burton is not facing any charges after the incident, WOIO reported.

He told police that when his Jeep was being rammed, he was afraid for his life, and the life of the officer, so he drew and fired his weapon.

Watch the entire incident unfold in the video below. That action starts about 40 seconds in. WARNING - Graphic Content:

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Paul Kersey Jr.
Paul Kersey Jr.

Not a good idea. The PO is downrange. Stay clear and observe until you must act ( PO down, PO fighting and losing, etc.). His heart was in the right place, his ass should have been somewhere else. But he earns a few style points.


@SaltyMonkey is right. I 100% agree the CCW just gave the rest of us a black eye.


CCW holder is lucky they found a sawed off shot gun. Otherwise, he could've been in a heap of trouble. Especially if he did that in Broward County, FL where Sheriff Israel rules...oh yeah he got fired. Lol


Might use my Ram truck to run over some wicked person, but I am not inclined to sacrifice its exterior with an offensive lineman maneuver. Especially for an apparent "traffic stop." Initiating a gun battle, let alone when no weapon is brandished, would be completely out of the question!


As a career 24+ year cop I'm amazed the shooter wasn't charged in this incident. In most jurisdictions he would have been. Nothing in the story indicates that the shooter or officer were aware of the shotguns existence at the time shooter fired his weapon. Doesn't matter that it was found afterwards. And saying he feared for his life would be pretty thin in most courts. He's lucky the officer didn't shoot him (shooter) given his proximity to the officer. The officer could very well have thought the shooter was a friend of the suspect and shooting at him (officer) possibly in an attempt to assist the perp in escaping. VERY poor move on shooters part!!

Mike bass
Mike bass

All he had to do was yell.. CITIZENS ARREST and if the guy refused ..he can shoot


I also have a CCW but I would not do the same as that guy. Shocked he was not charged with something or at minimum had his CCW revoked. .


Great work by the cop to find the suspect. Don't know how he did it!!


It all depends on which part of the country you’re in. Many places in America are still inhabited by people who utilize common sense to determine culpability. Others are inhabited by people who make these decisions based solely on their gun disapproval level.