VIDEO: Chief Blasts Restorative Justice As 'Pussyfooting With Violent Criminals'

Holly Matkin

“We cannot put people’s lives at risk because of this love affair with restorative justice,” Chief Art Acevedo declared.

Houston, TX – Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo blasted “restorative justice” and demanded that judges “stop pussyfooting with violent criminals” during a press conference on Monday.

Chief Acevedo aired his frustration with the court system just days after news broke that the 17-year-old gunman who repeatedly shot a Houston police officer during a violent crime spree on Sept. 12 had recently been released from jail on his own recognizance.

“We need the courts to do their job, and to stop pussyfooting with violent criminals! Period!” he said angrily. “So these judges…every time somebody’s getting injured, I’m gonna call them out by name!”

Chief Acevedo said that it is important for voters to be informed about what those on the bench are doing in the courtroom.

“They’re either here to stop violent crime, or they can go somewhere else where violent crime doesn’t matter!” he railed.

He also blasted the obsessive focus on “restorative justice,” and said such practices have been placing citizens in harm’s way.

“We cannot put people’s lives at risk because of this love affair with restorative justice,” Chief Acevedo declared. “It’s not about coddling violent criminals!”

Offenders are generally released from custody by the court so quickly, witnesses and victims are too afraid to testify against them, the chief noted.

“If you lived in a high crime area and you knew that these judges were gonna let a violent criminal go in one door and within a matter of hours or a day or two get out on a low bond, do you want to testify against them?” he asked reporters.

Brandon Bell, 17, was released from jail on a no-cost “personal bond” shortly after he and two other teens were arrested for allegedly carjacking a woman at gunpoint as she was passing out campaign fliers on Sept. 2, KPRC reported.

"'Get out of the car,” he said, according to victim Tina Kingshill. “I got this gun and I will shoot you.”

Bell also allegedly pointed the gun at another volunteer who was with Kingshill at the time.

Police later stopped the vehicle, and all three suspects were found inside.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office subsequently charged Bell with a misdemeanor count of criminal trespass to a motor vehicle, and he was released on his own recognizance.

According to the Houston Police Union, Bell failed to show up at court on Sept. 10, but he was not penalized and his bail was never revoked, KPRC reported.

Two days later, he and three accomplices embarked on a violent crime spree beginning at a Valero gas station on Griggs Road, according to KTRK.

The suspects stole a 2003 Chevy Tahoe from a Valero customer at gunpoint at approximately 9:56 p.m.

The vehicle was low on fuel, and sputtered to a stop on Tierwester minutes later, at which point the suspects took off on foot, Chief Acevedo said at the time.

They encountered their next victim – a priest – on Meriburr Lane at approximately 10:10 p.m.

“A priest. You heard that right,” Chief Acevedo told reporters, according to KTRK.

The priest said he was on his knees, praying for his life, when one of the suspects pulled the trigger twice.

“For whatever miraculous reason, the gun didn’t fire,” Chief Acevedo said.

The suspects beat him and stole his two cell phones, then took off on foot again.

They soon encountered a woman sitting in a Ford F150 pickup in her driveway, and banged on her widow with a gun, the chief said.

The suspects ordered her out of the vehicle, then robbed her of her purse and cell phone.

They also demanded the pin number to her debit card, according to Chief Acevedo.

Officers in an unmarked patrol vehicle spotted the armed suspects near a Chase Bank on Tierwester at 10:21 p.m., and at least one of them began chasing the gunmen on foot, KTRK reported.

According to police, Bell opened fire on the officer in the back yard of a home in the area of Scott Street and Tristan Street approximately five minutes later.

The wounded officer fell to the ground as a second officer arrived at the scene.

The second officer fired a single round, killing Bell.

The wounded officer was struck three times – once in the groin area and twice in the upper body, according to KPRC.

At least one of the bullets hit near a major artery.

He was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery.

Doctors successfully stopped the bleeding and repaired the multiple internal injuries caused by the bullets.

"There was a struggle, there was a fight, there was a fight for the officer's weapon, he lost control of his weapon, he got shot with his own weapon by the suspect,” Chief Acevedo later confirmed, according to KTRK.

A 17-year-old male and a 39-year-old male were both arrested in connection with the series of attacks, KPRC reported.

The fourth suspect, described as an adult black male, remains on the loose.

At least one of the four suspects has gang affiliations, Chief Acevedo added.

The wounded officer, Officer Taylor Roccaforte, is the son of a 42-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, according to Chief Acevedo.

The 29-year-old, five-year veteran-of-the-force was released from the hospital on Thursday

You can Chief Acevedo speak in the video below:

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"Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo blasted “restorative justice”

and he and so many other Chiefs with similar views need to be telling others throughout this country and telling it from the highest hills. They need to say that restorative justice is not and will not work and is subjecting other citizens to being on the receiving end of societies rejects just to support an unpopular and unsuccessful agenda. The ones who live in gated communities who make these rules but never seem to be subjected to their own poor decisions.


Maybe my mind is wandering a bit because I’m tired from work, but I was thinking how many serial killers were released from prison after committing serious offences; and then went on to make a joke of their “rehabilitation”. Let’s see....John Gacy, Ed Kemper, Jeffrey Dahmer, William Bonin...and many more. Quite the tradition.


He's in the middle of Liberaltown Texas (home of Dell computers). Good for him. Those stupid liberals have their heads so far stuck up their asses that they think if they are nicer to criminals the criminals will return the favor by suddenly turning into model citizens. i think every liberal in the country. especially those in government need to spend a few minutes with Negan and Lucille to get their minds right..


Do you mean to tell me that restorative justice doesn't work? Well cut my britches off and call me shorty!!!!! 🙄


This coming from the Chief of the very department who just had a cop charged with murder for lying on a warrant.

Two (2) citizens are dead because of HPD and the Chief wants us to see his side when just one of his cops gets shot? Try again when you have two (2) dead cops.


Has this chief turned over a new leaf?

Or as he just posturing?

If he actually calls out judges by name in the future then I will believe him ,otherwise sounds like a lot of self aggrandizing.


If only these crimes would be contained to the wealthy white liberal areas of town then it would be fine.

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Respect to the chief. He's got it right. It's not only the judges; it's also the attorney generals who drop charges and/or allow ridiculous plea bargains.

The Jussie Smollett case was a travesty to justice due to Kim Foxx's "reform initiatives." Just look at her official profile; it trumpets dropping charges and bond reform...

Kimberly M. Foxx
Kimberly M. Foxx

Kimberly M. Foxx is the first African American woman to lead the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office – the second largest prosecutor’s office in the country. Kim took office on December 1, 2016 with a vision for transforming the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office into a fairer, more forward-thinking agency focused on rebuilding the public trust, promoting transparency, and being proactive in making all communities safe. More than two years into her term, Kim has undertaken substantial reform. She has revamped the office’s Conviction Integrity Unit, resulting in overturned convictions in over 60 cases, including the first-ever mass exoneration in Cook County for 15 men whose convictions stemmed from misconduct by a Chicago Police Officer. She has been a leader in bond reform, instructing prosecutors to agree to recognizance bonds where appropriate, and reviewing bond decisions in cases where people are detained because they are unable to pay bonds of $1,000 or less. Kim has taken the lead on prioritizing resources away from low-level offenses to focus on violent crime, including raising the threshold for approving felony charges for retail theft to $1,000, and declining to prosecute misdemeanor traffic offenses for failure to pay tickets and fines. Kim is the first and only prosecutor in the country to make felony case-level data available to the public. The open data portal provides unprecedented access and transparency into the work of a prosecutor’s office. Her goal is to make the Cook County the most transparent prosecutor’s office in the country. Kim served as an Assistant State’s Attorney for 12 years, and was also a guardian ad litem, where she worked as an attorney advocating for children navigating the child welfare system. Prior to being elected State’s Attorney, Kim served as Chief of Staff for the Cook County Board President, where she was the lead architect of the county’s criminal justice reform agenda to address racial disparities in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Born and raised on Chicago’s Near North Side, Kim is a graduate of Southern Illinois University, where she earned a B.A. in Political Science and a J.D. from the SIU School of Law.

In the case of violent crimes, PR bonds are simply ridiculous. The accused need to have some incentive to keep their nose clean and show up for trial, and the public needs to be protected. Need some mandatory minimums based upon the severity of the alleged crime.


But, but feelings......


We can't entrust our collective security into the hands of Dems/libs/socialists as they don't have the safety and security of the American citizenry as a priority! They coddle, encourage, and excuse criminals and criminal behavior.


Thank you Chief Acevedo for publicly saying what many of us have felt for years.


Wouldn't be surprised if he gets a call to the mayor's office and tell him to hand in his shield and gun