Video Captured Aftermath of SFPD Gunfight, 6 Shot, Including Cop

A police officer and five other people were shot in a gunfight Wednesday evening.

San Francisco, CA - A San Francisco police officer and five other people were shot in a gunfight on Wednesday. Passerbys recorded video of the aftermath (video below.)

San Francisco Police Department Chief William Scott told reporters at a press conference that the incident started at around 4:30 p.m. for a call about a man with a gun in the 200 block of Amazon.

Officers contacted the suspect at Geneva and London. Officers made contact with people inside of the Amazon barber shop and then a gunfight broke out.

At the end of the gunfight, one officer was shot, the suspect was shot, and four others were shot, including a juvenile.

Video of the aftermath shows an officer crawling away from the gunfight after being shot in the leg. The officer was transported to the hospital in fair condition.

All of the people who were shot are males. One of the people shot is in critical condition, one is in serious condition, and one is in fair condition. The condition of the juvenile has not been released, according to ABC7.

The suspect is also in critical condition.

It's not clear at this time if the four additional wounded people were shot by the suspect or law enforcement, or if they had any involvement with the suspect.

You can see the video of the aftermath below.

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Praying for the officer as well as for innocent civilians who were shot, if any.

jucey bananas
jucey bananas

Looks as if somebody didnt want the police in there business.


Driving by, then stopping to film is absolutely stupid. You could have been shot at, you are putting officers in jeopardy because they might think you might be a part of it or have to get out of YOUR way so they don't get struck by your car. Wise up.