VIDEO: Camera Captures ATM Robber Murder Unarmed Victim

A killer was captured on video murdering an ATM user.

North Miami Beach, FL – Police released surveillance video of a 17-year-old gunman murdering a man while trying to rob him at an ATM.

Marcine Hill, 17, faces charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery after he was indicted earlier in March.

The ATM video clearly shows his face and his sweater that had the phrase, “Kill Batman” written on its sleeve, according to the Miami Herald. (Video below)

If convicted, Hill is not eligible for the death penalty because he was a minor at the time of the crime. He could face a life sentence if convicted. Hill has remained in jail while awaiting trial, the Miami Herald reported.

Dillon Bud Calvin Steve was the victim. He was shot and killed Nov. 1, 2017 while withdrawing cash. His mother was waiting for him in the passenger seat of his car at the time.

In the video, Hill could be scene approaching from far off.

As Hill got closer, he pulled out his black pistol.

As the robber approached, the victim threw the cash on the ground.

As Hill bent over to pick it up, Steve lunged at him and was shot during the brief struggle. The video showed Steve falling to the ground as Hill ran off.

Steve, 26, was taken to the hospital where he died, according to the Miami Herald.

Hill was wearing an Ecko jacket and had the hood up but didn’t cover his face. He was easily identifiable in the video and appeared to look right at the camera.

At the time of the murder, police said they thought Hill stalked Steve and called it a crime of opportunity, according to the Miami Herald.

After watching the video, please let us know in the comments if you think that this would have ended differently if Steve had been armed.

You can see the video of the shooting here. WARNING - Graphic Content:

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Hope this thug gets the death sentence.


This is why you carry in a full carry state. 2nd if unarmed dont try to engage a guy with a firearm.
3thd dont go to a atm at night in isolated areain a sketch place.

  1. You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

You can' have legal concealed carry in NYC! Can you imagine the mayhem?

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Partially disagree. Just letting the robber have the money probably would have been safer for the victim than trying to shoot him with a concealed carry gun. Do agree with #3 and #4, though.