VIDEO: Bystanders At Officer's Murder Taunt Police, Say She Deserved It

Bystanders heckled and taunted police as they established a perimeter around the active shooter on Wednesday night.

Sacramento, CA – Bystanders near the scene where Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan was murdered in an ambush on Wednesday night taunted police and told them that their colleague deserved to be shot (video below).

Cell phone footage of the belligerent bystanders’ banter was posted to Twitter by journalist Matthew Keys prior to Officer O’Sullivan’s death.

The video showed Sacramento police as they calmly asked bystanders to step back while they established a perimeter around the scene.

At the time, the gunman accused of killing Officer O’Sullivan was still barricaded inside a nearby residence, firing rounds at police.

One of the bystanders told an officer that she’d move once the actual line was re-established closer to where she was standing.

“Re-establish it and then we’ll watch from here,” she told him. “’Cause we gonna watch…Get your s--t in order.”

At least two of the bystanders then began heckling the officers for establishing a perimeter when they were only “looking for one person,” the video showed.

“The only person we need to be saved from is you!” a woman yelled.

The video cut out just as the officer tried to explain to the women that stray bullets still have the potential to harm innocent bystanders.

“Whatever officer get shot need to be,” a bystander declared moments later. “Y’all need to be! Y’all need to be!”

“Thank you, ma’am,” one of the officers responded quietly.

“You’re welcome, you little punk!” she retorted. “You’re welcome bastard! You little coward!”

She then told the officer to “take that gun off” and threatened to “whoop” him, the video showed.

The officers refused to engage with the bystanders, and walked away after setting up their perimeter tape.

“Come on back!” one woman yelled. “Coward! Ya little coward! All y’all cowards!”

“We know they are,” another bystander said in agreement.

The belligerent woman then warned the officers that they were also armed.

“We got guns too!” she yelled.

Later in the video, bystanders seemed to be shocked to hear multiple gunshots being fired in the neighborhood.

“They over here scrambling,” one bystander said in an amused tone, just before the video ended.

Officer O’Sullivan died after being shot in an ambush attack while assisting with a domestic disturbance situation earlier in the night.

The 26-year-old officer and her field training officer (FTO) responded to the 200-block of Redwood Avenue after meeting up with a woman who was involved in the domestic violence incident earlier in the day, according to The Sacramento Bee.

The initial disturbance had already been reported to police, and Officer O’Sullivan and her FTO took the woman to the home to help her gather up her belongings and to potentially mediate the situation between her and a male at that location, KOVR reported.

At approximately 6:10 p.m., a gunman opened fire with what investigators now believe was a rifle, Sacramento Police Department Deputy Chief Dave Peletta said during a press conference early Thursday morning.

Officer O’Sullivan was hit by one of the rounds, and collapsed in a yard.

Her fellow officers tried to reach her, but the gunman continued to fire to keep them away, KOVR reported.

An armored vehicle arrived at the scene at approximately 6:54 p.m., and the officers inside retrieved Officer O’Sullivan and rushed the wounded officer to University of California - Davis Medical Center just five minutes later.

The woman the officers were assisting was not injured during the attack, and was immediately moved to safety.

The gunman continued firing from his barricaded position inside the home, and ultimately surrendered after a nearly eight-hour standoff, FOX News reported.

Officer O’Sullivan succumbed to her gunshot wounds late Wednesday night after she underwent surgery, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Chief Peletta confirmed the officer’s tragic death just after midnight.

“I’m sad to share with you tonight that we lost one of our own,” he told reporters. “She gave her young life while protecting our community.”

Officer O’Sullivan was hired by the Sacramento Police Department in January of 2018, and entered the police academy that July.

After her graduation in December, she began her phase training with the SPD, and was slated to begin patrolling on her own in the next several weeks, Chief Peletta said.

You can see cell phone footage of the bystanders taunting police about their murdered fellow officer in the video below:

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John Chapman
John Chapman

Animals. Nothing but animals.


I really wish every major news station and their internet sites would post the reaction of these people so EVERYONE can see how completely worthless this tribe is and that they have nothing, absolutely nothing, worthwhile to offer society. By the way, this reaction is not unusual at all. In fact, I can't remember a single shooting, stabbing, or major fight in a black neighborhood where this type of thing didn't happen. You want to know why racism exists, watch this video. These people deserve to live in the shitholes they've created.


So tragic. It's not surprising that certain people of that tribe would behave like this, but it's always horrifying; all too many of them are beyond redemption. My heart aches for this fallen officer and her family.


and they want reparation from the government


But please, tell me more how the problems faced by these communities are nothing to do with the people living in them.