VIDEO: Bystander Films Officer-Involved Shooting From Line Of Fire

Two men were shot by police, one fatally, after an exchange at a Marathon gas station in Elyria on Tuesday.

Elyria, OH – A woman who was trapped inside her own vehicle when police stopped a suspect vehicle in a gas station parking lot was filming with her cell phone when the officers opened fire (video below).

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office said the incident began at about 4 p.m. on Tuesday when deputies responded to a call about a shooting at an apartment on Park Meadow Lane, WOIO reported.

Shortly thereafter, Elyria police stopped a dark-colored Chevy Impala matching the description of the suspect vehicle at the Marathon gas station located at 1425 East Avenue in Carlisle Township.

That’s when a woman who was caught inside the parking lot of the gas station in her vehicle with her three children pulled out her cell phone and began filming the incident.

The video showed police officers with long guns conducting a felony traffic stop on the suspect vehicle, which was stopped between the gas pumps and the convenience store.

Officers told the woman filming to back her car up and away from the melee and she complied – but she did not, or could not, back up very far away from the suspect vehicle.

“I don’t know what they’re doing but please do not be stupid,” she said in the video. “I have my babies in the car, bro. Oh my God. You all, get the f--k down in the back seat. Get down.”

“Back up? Okay, don’t shoot me,” the woman said as she reversed her car away from the officer’s target.

One of the children in the car said “bang bang” and the woman told him to be cool and explained the officer was just having her back up.

The woman filming said she thought she knew the people inside the Impala, which had very dark tinted windows.

“Oh my God, you know what. This s--t is real, bro. They is about to shoot these people and I think it’s um, oh my God, I could not think of his name… I don’t know what’s going on, they just pulled this Impala over a cop came out the car with all these mother--king guns and called backup so they’re about to release fire,” the woman narrated as she filmed.

“I don’t know what these n----s in this Impala are doing but they’re stumbling around in the car and they’re about to get lit up,” she said, sounding panicky.

In the video, a police officer commanded the occupants of the Impala to roll their windows down.

The bystander filming rolled her own vehicle windows down in compliance with the officers’ commands to the suspect vehicle.

“Please roll the windows down like they said,” she implored the people in the Impala. “Let me turn my car off. Roll the windows down, bro! They is about to light y’all up.”

Then she told her children in the back seat of her car to get down again.

“Please, please get out the car. They about to shoot y’all, man,” she said.

“Get out the car, get out the car,” the woman pleaded in the video as she watched the activity inside the suspect vehicle.

“Somebody set them up that’s in the car with them,” she guessed. “Somebody set them up cuz he’s going off on whoever in the back seat.”

The officer warned the suspects in the Impala that they would shoot them if they didn’t comply.

“No don’t shoot, please,” the woman yelled. “Get out the car! Get out the car!”

Investigators said that’s when the back rear door of the Impala opened and one of the men pointed a gun at police, according to WOIO.

“He set him up,” the woman opined again just a split second before officers yelled “gun gun gun” and opened fire on the suspect vehicle.

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office said that the men in the vehicle who refused to obey commands were 39-year-old Isaiah Robinson of Cleveland and 39-year-old Damon Battles of Elyria, WOIO reported.

Both men inside the vehicle were shot.

Robinson later died at Lorain Mercy Hospital, according to WOIO.

Battles was taking to University Hospital and has not yet been charged or named as a suspect in the incident.

None of the officers involved in the incident were injured, WOIO reported.

Elyria police do not have bodycams or dashcams, so Lorain County deputies were checking their own dashcams to see what was recorded after they arrived to back up the officers, WJW reported.

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the officer-involved shooting at the Marathon station, and Elyria police are investigating the initial shooting incident at the apartment building, The Chronicle reported.

“The City of Elyria wants a fair and impartial investigation of the events that occurred last night in relation to the traffic stop and officer-involved shooting in Carlisle Township,” Elyria Mayor Holly Brinda said in a statement posted to Facebook. “…While the investigation is being conducted, it is not appropriate for the City to comment.”

Watch the situation unfold in the video below. WARNING - Graphic Content and language.

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