VIDEO: Burglar's Getaway Truck Stolen While He's Burgling

A wanted man who had just committed a burglary found his truck stolen when he returned to make his getaway.

Kennewick, WA – A wanted man who had just burglarized a Kennewick business returned to his getaway vehicle to find it being stolen (video below).

Police responded to a call about a vehicle theft that had just occurred in the 500-block of E. Bruneau at about 6 a.m. on Aug. 25, according to a post to the Kennewick Police Department’s official Facebook page.

William Kelley told police that someone had just stolen his 1992 red Chevy pickup truck with a maroon canopy.

Investigators discovered that a nearby business’s surveillance cameras had captured the car theft as it occurred.

The video showed a man on a 10-speed bicycle riding back and forth through the parking lot before the rider stopped next to Kelley’s truck and dismounted.

The rider found Kelley’s keys on the seat of the unlocked vehicle, where he had left them, and took advantage of his good fortune.

He threw his bike in the back of the truck and jumped in the truck to leave.

That was about the same time that Kelley returned to his truck.

The video showed Kelley walking back to his trucking carrying the items he had stolen from a business across the street, according to the Kennewick PD.

As he approached, the car thief put started reversing the pickup in his direction.

Kelley screamed and banged on the side of the truck and tried to stop it, but he was unsuccessful as the truck looped around him and left him in its dust.

Kennewick PD said that when investigators discovered the video of the incident, they also learned that Kelley had been there stealing from a business across the street and that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Kelley was booked into the Benton County jail on the warrant and a charge of burglary was added later, police said.

Kennewick police said that Kelley’s truck was still missing, and they asked for help from anyone who had information about that theft.

Watch the burglar chase the truck thief in the video below:

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High crime area? Can't make this stuff up!




It's ok for the truck owner to steal but don't steal from him. Funny......hypocrite


That is to funny. He deserves what happened to him. But my question is, HOW did the guy on the bike know to look at and steal that truck? There was a nicer looking truck in the video.


Hope the guy enjoys his new truck.